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  1. Cemetery Gate and Columns

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    Maybe I will post a tutorial if enough haunters are interested, but happy to say these bit**es are finally done. Been working on them for nearly two years, off and on. Why did they take so long? I don't draw plans...it all comes out of my head and I make it up as I go I tend to over-engineer...
  2. Finial options

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    Hey all, I need to find a source for finials to go on my cemetery gate. The thing is I used pvc pipe that has an outer diameter of 1 1/16" and an inner diameter of 15/16". Has anyone had luck finding finials that fit this size pipe? King Metals has some that i can "drive into 1"" 16 gauge tube...
  3. Static: Cemetery Entrance Pillars

    Halloween Props
    With my Cauldron Creep finished so soon before Halloween I decided I had time for yet another project. I've been wanting to build some pillars and a gate as an entrance to the yard haunt. I started building cemetery pillars this week. Similar build to what many others have done. Nothing...
  4. Static: Cemetery Gate

    Halloween Props
    So since I started doing a Halloween display, I used this fence from Spirit Halloween. The purpose of the fence is not only decorative, but serves the important function of letting people know not to walk back there. The trouble was, this fence was frankly a major pain in the butt. The way the...
  5. Static: Cemetery Column Weight issue

    Halloween Props
    Last year We had a blast constructing a full front yard haunt for my partner and I. We built these two beautiful columns for the Graveyard fence: As you can tell the one on the left went face first into the road and had to be repaired quite substantially. Pardon the Christmas deco's, we keep...