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  1. Halloween Props
    So I purchased these at dollar tree, they come two to a pack. I am building a cemetery entrance gate and thought these would be perfect for them. I wanted something elaborate! The store had two kinds, a bat and a spider. I cut them in half so I could use both sides. That way I can stagger...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi everyone, These images are via Google streetview so they are warped, but you get the general idea. I am about to begin a cemetery fence build and need opinions on placement. Would you go with option 1 (whole perimeter) or option 2? For what it's worth, there's a big section of yard behind...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi I have received so much good advice from people on this forum, including instructions on building my cemetery fence. But when it came to finding a finial / topper for the fence, I wanted something different. Somehow I tried adding the bat stakes, found this 2015 year at the dollar store, to...
  4. Halloween Props
    So since I started doing a Halloween display, I used this fence from Spirit Halloween. The purpose of the fence is not only decorative, but serves the important function of letting people know not to walk back there. The trouble was, this fence was frankly a major pain in the butt. The way the...
    Could really use some suggestions on what to use for a fence around my cemetery. Prefer it's something that breaks down flat for easy storage and would love to see pic's of your suggestions. There are so many creatives in the forum I just know someone can help me :rolleyes:
  6. Halloween Props
    Ok folks. My dual-Perfect Storm unit (two 500 watt halogens + two 500 watt photoflood flash bulbs), Mausoleum, lighting up backyard trees with red and green laser spots, and other items are causing kids to run over areas of the yard that present a tripping hazard. Going cemetery-fence-free is no...
  7. Halloween Props
    I'd rather buy a fence to repurpose as halloween yard haunt cemetery fence than build. Simple modes are OK spraypainting something black, etc. Any fencing on clearance in the Garden section of various Big Box stores I could use for this purpose, e.g. Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, Home Depot, BJ's...
  8. Halloween Props
    I posted some pics of my columns awhile back. Today I was doing a mock setup of the columns, gates, and fence. Its nice when things work out on such a beautiful day.
  9. Halloween Props
    I started working on my first prop for 2013 today since the weather hear was so nice. Started cutting all the wood for my cemetery fence.
  10. Halloween Props
    The first day of October was warm and sunny. I spent a few hours with my minion finishing the assembly and painting of the last four or five cemetery fence sections. We got the fence set up and in place. Next Saturday we will tackle the fence finials, lantern hangers, and maybe the fence...
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi gang - I want to try my hand at building my first cemetery fence this year, using the popular PVC pipe and furring strip method. My question: how does one secure the pipe (vertical) lengths to the furring strips (horizontal)? Is there a "sweet spot" to put a screw through each join to keep...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, I am thinking out loud here...I just added a couple of new pics...scary tree moss. Here in central FL its EVERYWHERE. It's all over my trees. I use it in my yard (for putting on cemetery scene fencing & tombstones) and inside (costume, curtains, etc.)...anything looks WAY better...
  13. Halloween Props
    How I Made a Halloween Cemetery Fence
1-13 of 13 Results