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  1. Static: Cemetery gate pillar help

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    I'm trying to get a couple of these gate columns done by halloween - here is where I'm at on the first one. I've put foam in areas where I'm shooting for a masonry/cement look and want those parts to look old, cracked, etc. Any ideas on a good methodology for this effect? I have some monster...
  2. Static: Cemetery pillars (On A Dime)

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    50¢ DIY Cemetery Columns I was looking for a very cheap yet spooky looking way to make a path for my treaters, ended up with these. The chain is approx $.40 worth of a pipe sleeve. The paint is approx $.20 of gray flat and $.10 of black spray The moss is approx $.30 of a bag from Dollar...
  3. Static: Cemetery Column Weight issue

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    Last year We had a blast constructing a full front yard haunt for my partner and I. We built these two beautiful columns for the Graveyard fence: As you can tell the one on the left went face first into the road and had to be repaired quite substantially. Pardon the Christmas deco's, we keep...