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  1. Any suggestions for how to make my yard scarier and more interactive?!

    General Halloween
    This is my first post, but I have been following for the last 3 years for ideas and have found this forum to be very inspiring and informative! I really want to go all out and make my yard a lot scarier and more interactive (some sort of walkthrough or path) but I have no idea where to...
  2. Halloween plans 2019

    Halloween Props
    I have been lurking around this forum for a solid year or 2, just finally set up an account so take it easy on me. My homes interior is “Halloween” themed all year. My big project for this Halloween season is to construct a graveyard fence. The last 2 years I have experienced issues with the...
  3. Static: ISO: Giant Oak tree ideas

    Halloween Props
    We recently purchased a house with a large oak tree in front. I am expanding my cemetary this year and will be using some fog machines and AtmosFX. However, I am at a lost at what to put around the tree. I personally don't like the witches or ghosts in a circle you see everywhere. Just...
  4. No Yard, Have Driveway, Advice Please?

    General Halloween
    So, the long story short is that my boyfriend and I had to move in with his parents after our landlord unexpectedly sold our house out from underneath us. We're talking to a lawyer but that's not the point of this post. We're gonna be here for at least a few more months and my not mother-in-law...
  5. Large Columns and Cemetary Sign

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling my wooden cemetary entrance display. Everything is constructed out of wood and painted to appear as a stone finish (cemetary sign painted black) Columns are in storage, but I am guessing are either 7 or 8 foot tall. There is plenty of clearance to walk underneath for full grown...
  6. My first tombstones

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm building a set of tombstones for our haunt in the zoo. It's the first time I build something like this, and I'm documenting the entire process on my blog. It will be a three part series, here are the first two entries: Tombstones, part 1 Tombstones, part 2 When they're finished, I'll take...
  7. Static: Columns prop 1 2013 finished

    Halloween Props
    Finished these the other day, pretty pumped I like how they turned out. Went off some base plans I saw online and added a few things and changed some up. Now for the gate and entrance.
  8. Electronic/Software: Cemetery Angel - Spirit Halloween 2013

    Halloween Props
    Cemetery Angel When you think things are set in stone, think again. This animated Cemetery Angel will be sure to frighten your guests. For $179.99, this Angel of Death mutters spooky sayings to those that pass. This prop also has light up eyes and a head that pops up. Own Cemetery Angel...
  9. Prop Showcase: Monster Mud Monument

    Halloween Props
    Well, this is my first post, to go along with my first creation. Though I have been reading here for a while as a long time fan of Haloween. This is my attempt at a monument for my yard this year. She is made of PVC Pipe, Chicken wire, and an old choir robe from my church. Her hands were...
  10. Static: Mineschafft cemetary pillars

    Halloween Props
    These are the cemetary pillars i built for our haunt last year, have been lazy about posting but thought i would share.. let me know what you think.. Base is made out of wood with thin plywood and 1x1s, wanted it sturdy, but not tooo heavy.. build it in two sections for easy storage.. the arch...
  11. Static: Purgatory Tombstone - Awesome Prop or Dud?

    Halloween Props
    I am looking to get some feedback and general opinions on a new piece that I am working on. I have a tombstone design that I concepted and sculpted out of clay. Ultimately, the clay sculpt will be molded and cast out of polyurethane foam. Then painted. The premise behind the design is as...
  12. Other: Best type of styrofoam for Gravestones?

    Halloween Props
    What's the best type of styrfoam when making gravestones? Or best material, for that matter. Normally we have wooden ones but this year i want to add detail to them so i decided i want to use styrofoam so i can carve them however i want.
  13. Graveyard Columns from Milk crates.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For the last two years I've put out a cemetery fence with columns for Halloween. It definitely adds to the feel of a cemetery of course but it also helps keep kids from running through the lawn and potentially tripping over the wires and cables that light up the other decorations. Here are...