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  1. Member Introduction
    Well, after reading posts on this forum for years, I decided we should just join. Unless, of course, we used to be Members and I just forgot our information. LOL Have been listening to Halloween Radio for a long time. We have been celebrating Halloween together (AR, FL, OK, and now MS) and...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi i am an Australian who is very much addicted to Halloween - have been celebrating for 4 years now and every year gets better and bigger. Often look at American sites for ideas and want to thank all you people who share your creativity and ideas. Love it but unfortunately its hot when we...
  3. General Halloween
    Last week I realized that Ghouliet & I have been doing this for a decade now!! I only have 1 photo from that first (very store bought) year and I thought it would be really cool to take a photo of what our cemetery looks like this year from the same angle. It's a glow up for sure. 2008...
  4. General Halloween
    I have not been able to be as active as I normally am during this season and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with everything as much as I usually do. We had our party last weekend, the city parade this afternoon, a couple bon fires, and got the haunt 90% set up for tomorrow. I probably won't...
  5. Halloween Props
    Lets pretend Bumble, the Grinch and Taz are celebrating Halloween.
1-5 of 5 Results