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  1. Halloween Props
    Updated my Horror Mancave cinema room tour , hope you like it ! Please subscribe and hit like to my youtube channel :)
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi All! I'm new here- I decided to sign up because I made my first Halloween scene this year and had such a great time. Now I'm already thinking about next year... I want to do a Pirates of the Caribbean scene from The Curse of the Black Pearl, specifically the treasure cave scene. I would like...
  3. Halloween Props
    What is the most cost effective way of making a haunted cave? We need it to be very durable as thousands of people will walk through it. Any help, suggestions and average cost involved would be greatly appreciated. If you have done one in the past, please share your pictures and success stories.
  4. Halloween Props
    I decided to change my FCG room into a spider cave this year. I used the FCG rig to move some spiders up and down. Here is a picture before the cave was finished to show the spiders in the back. Then built a big leaper rig based off Halstaff's spider leaper. Thank you sir. ;) It turned out well...
  5. General Halloween
    This year for our haunted trail, we have constructed a pretty large cave that has a rickety bridge that is about 16 ft. long, and near the end a hag with her cauldron. We will hang bats from the ceiling and it will be lit by black lights, we plan to paint the sides of the "cave" with blue...
    Hello everyone, I'm in the early planning stages for this year's walkthrough and have already hit a snag. I have a double carport that I was intending to turn into a witches cave. I plan on creating the cave walls using chicken wire and brown paper, or maybe chicken wire and paper mache. My...
  7. Halloween Costume Ideas
    This year I'm doing my first real haunt (moving from the front porch and into the garage). The plan is to create a witch's cave, with me dressed as an witch/old hag. I've been fine with the idea of dressing as a witch because I didn't plan on having a real speaking role. Now, however, I've come...
1-7 of 7 Results