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  1. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep Help!

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I built a cauldron creep last year and it turned out decent. However, it needs some more work to make it really great this year. I couldn't figure out how to get its hands attached to the stick without it looking funny. I ended up tying them on with some rope, which really...
  2. Mechanical: Gemmy 5-1/2' Life Size Witch with Fogging Cauldron - AUDIO NOT WORKING!

    Halloween Props
    I recently bought the Gemmy 5-1/2' Life Size Witch with Fogging Cauldron at an auction and when i got it home and plugged it all in everything seemed to be working fine except the audio. It didnt come with any manual so i assumed it had to be plugged into an AUX output which didnt work so i am...
  3. Mechanical: 2010 witch ok i'm a year or so behind the wave

    Halloween Props
    just wanted to post some picks of my witch and cauldron just completed now recording the sound track for her. Annoys me to no end spirit of course come outt with a stirring witch the year i build one. she stirs and moves her head remote control triggers monster guts nerve center with rotating...
  4. Static: Need a Full-Sized Cauldron

    Halloween Props
    Anybody know of a source for a full-sized cauldron (reasonably priced and not real iron) or else an idea how to make a believable prop? (Something like the following?) I'd like to go all out and include a fake cooking fire. In the cauldron I'm planning lights, bubblers and a mist maker/fogger...