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    It was finally time to make a new Cauldron Creep. So here she is. The hardest part is getting the head to turn towards the onlookers as it looks up.
  2. Halloween Props
    I decided to take my own spin on the Cauldron Creep but made mine a necromancer that will be summoning the undead in my yard. I re-purposed an old corpsed skeleton I had done YEARS ago but it had issues standing (most the joints were broken as it was a very cheap skeleton) but the broken joints...
  3. Halloween Props
    Started this guy about over a year ago, then kinda just left it in the corner to collect dust. Lost motivation for it after my garage got fairly unsafe to be in, long story short, bought a new hose with a huge 2 car garage, so I took advantage of it and got it done. I still might add a few small...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey all. I'm thinking of building a flying crank ghost, and potentially a cauldron creep. I need help finding battery powered LED lights for the ghost eyes. What would I search for on eBay or other website to narrow the search, or does anyone have another source. A simple eBay search brings up...
  5. Halloween Props
    I built my creep a few years ago with what I had on hand, deer motors and assorted parts I already had around, and this month finally got around to making some upgrades and improvements to it. I'm good with the look and movement of the creep himself. His head moves smooth and the arms follow the...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I built a cauldron creep last year and it turned out decent. However, it needs some more work to make it really great this year. I couldn't figure out how to get its hands attached to the stick without it looking funny. I ended up tying them on with some rope, which really...
  7. Halloween Props
    Thought I would give this build a try and so far its working well. Im mostly following the guide of Devils Chariot. http://devilschariot.blogspot.com/p/cauldron-creep-30.html I used a Deer motor for the head movement. A Wiper motor in the cauldron. I have a 4 inch gap under the motors plate...
  8. Halloween Props
    Took it out from storage- the only problem was an arm was hanging off - fixed with some fishing line! 4 years old!!
  9. Halloween Props
    :o started this cauldron today..had fun..it didnt take long to do!
  10. Halloween Props
    I'm new to the forum. I've been building Halloween props for the past 3 years. This is my 2016 prop build. It is essentially a Cauldron Creep. I've liked these props since I saw my first one. Though it's not a particularly original build, I really wanted to make my own. My 10 year old son...
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! Love the forum! Earlier today I built the PVC frame for a cauldron creeper (followed Mr Jingles dimensions). Next I need to fit a skeleton to it. I'm seeing $50ish 5ft skeletons in a few places online. Is there a quintessential skeleton or source? Also, I'm going to fit the neck...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hi I am based in the uk and looking to crate a cauldron creep this year. I am struggling to source a suitable 5 - 6 rpm motor to power the head. Can anyone suggest a motor . I was wondering if a microwave turntable motor would be suitable or could it even be connected directly to a uk outlet ...
  13. Halloween Props
    So I was wondering if anyone's used a disco ball motor instead of a wiper motor for the Cauldron Creep? Just curious because I haven't purchased either motor yet. My fear is that the disco ball motor might be too weak to handle the weight of the stick that would be attached. Thoughts?
  14. Halloween Props
    I finally finished my cauldron creep, complete with head turn. The cauldron can be moved away from the creep, and she remains free standing, with no unsightly external supports.
  15. Halloween Props
    For the most part it's all up. :)
  16. Halloween Props
    I'm using a wiper motor with a PWM, and a 110-240V AC to 12V DC 5A Switch Power Supply, for my cauldron creep stirring action. Here's the PWM I have: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UTBGIG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and here's the power supply...
  17. Halloween Props
    This is still a work in progress, but it's mostly done, and other obligations are going to prevent me from putting on the final touches until closer to the big night. In no particular order, thanks to: Devil’s Chariot and Mr. Jingles for the instructions and detailed measurements for the creep...
  18. Halloween Props
    This is what I have up so far. Still tweaking and moving things around but this is pretty much it. I am saving the gazillion bags of spider webbing for the last two weeks I think. Well, I'll try to hold off till then.
  19. Halloween Props
    Hello, I'm pretty new to this so forgive me if there is someplace I should go for this question. This is my first year building props and I'm doing pretty good so far, but i ran into a problem. I am not sure where to buy a motor for a cauldron creeps head movement. I'm guessing i need a 5 rpm...
  20. Halloween Props
    Just wanted to post my progress on a few props that I've been working on. Just wanted to get a little feedback from you guys. I still have to dress him up and add the bones, the other shelves will have glowing potions and whatever I can find to decorate it up. http://youtu.be/eLs4FdRfhAg...
1-20 of 27 Results