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  1. Pneumatic: Summertime Zombie Use.....Deer Repellent

    Halloween Props
    The planters around the place have been a deer buffet lately so I thought I'd get the groundbreaker out and see if he could help them survive.... I need to set up a camera to catch the reaction if one wanders too close to it. It made an impression on one of the outside cats. That cat...
  2. The pumpkin patch.

    Halloween Props
    I know this is not a prop prop but more like a display. over my years of yard sales dumpster diving and auctions and the acionsal visit's to the thrift shop I have quite the number of light up pumpkins and pumpkin pails. you can but these for 1 dollar at the groshrie store lol. So most of you...
  3. Pet Smart 2016

    General Halloween
    Sorry I dodn't get a bunch of pictures. It only occurred to me after we left but I got this Skull house which is technically a dog thing but one of our cats is 20 pounds so we often get dog things. This is Xevian claming the skull and Utesh outside it. She wouldn't let him in.
  4. The Kitchen Door

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I wrote this yesterday on my phone so its rough, a first draft, and... written on a cell phone so... Enjoy! "Damn insomnia. I give up." He said out loud to the dark, empty apartment and got up disturbing one of his cats, Pete, that had fallen asleep on his lap. Ivan stumbled to the kitchen...
  5. Does Anyone Remember This Particular Type of Cardboard Cutout?

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone. I have done so much searching for these and could never find them. They have such positive associations for me, I wish I could find replicas. Around 1975 or so, I think (so hard to remember now), my mother put up these cute cardboard cutouts (no, not thinking of the trad...
  6. EMERGENCY! Tea party is on!!! Need help.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, for those of you who might not have heard, my mother in law has major health issues right now tying up my wife's time. As a result , she doesn't have the time to plan my daughter's B-day party as she wanted to, and I got word today it's in my hands. The Witch's tea party is ON!!! One...
  7. I rather be ruled by cats, than destroyed by them.

    Member Introduction
    Hello from Kansas City just seemed so plain...... Hello from Kansas City!! :D My name is Jason (or Jay is fine) and I love Halloween! The autumn time in Kansas City is the best time of the year, because we have some of the best haunted houses in the country, and it's Renfaire time from Labor...
  8. Theory of Insanity & Cats

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Now I've deliberated over this topic for some time now having discussed it with only my wife. As for this post I have also spent some time deciding whether to post this as a blog on here or not and in the end I chose this particular section for a reason. The paranormal is involved. Now before I...
  9. Making ghosts (With wild cats)

    General Halloween
    Nough said! :P View My Video Happy Halloween.
  10. Lykoi... werewolf cats?!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I hope this works as I'm doing this on my phone. Anyways, I just found out about these awesome new cats. They're a new breed. Super cute and I want one! Thought they'd be liked on here.
  11. Does your pet haunt with you?

    General Halloween
    My golden retriever is an active haunter on the team every year. I don't go too wild with costumes but he always has a role. He absolutely loves all the people coming and going - especially the kids. I keep him with me on the leash just in case people are scared of dogs but I've never had any...
  12. Wholesale Halloween & Cat Products

    For Sale By Merchants
    Wholesale prices that you can't beat! Incredible artwork! Use the following coupon code for a 25% discount for the entire store: 25PCTOFF Wise Tails, LLC, Fine Art & Gifts Some samples: And many more.