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  1. Spencers 2018

    General Halloween
    https://www.spencersonline.com/thumbnail/halloween/halloween-decorations/props/pc/441/c/3233/3974.uts?currentIndex=0&sortByColumnName=SortByNewestDescending Don't forget to check other categories, this link is from their halloween props
  2. Calling all Elvira fans

    Announcements / Press Releases
    "Dynamite Entertainment today (July 17, 2017) announced that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - the beloved horror icon brought to (after)life by actress Cassandra Peterson - will join their line of licensed pop culture properties courtesy of a new licensing agreement with Queen "B" Productions and...
  3. HALLOWEEN countdown banner not resetting

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Just noticed that our countdown banner that is located on the main landing page (in between the rules section and the general forum categories) hasn't reset to start the countdown. It seems to be stuck saying "TODAY IS HALLOWEEN" :o Can it be reset?
  4. Purging a Halloween colletion

    General Halloween
    I'm not a clutter bug by nature but my Halloween collection is seriously out of control. I spent 3-1/2 hours the other day in the garage/workshop cleaning and organizing. That's Phase One of (I'm guessing) three major sessions. I have a list of categories to help organization but I just don't...