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  1. General Halloween
    Hey guys! Long time no spook? As the title relates, I was just on Lemaxs website and have downloaded their catalogs that they have available going back to 2013. I know that you guys, like me, like to collect various and sundry things from the internet when it comes to our OHCD (Obsessive...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi guys I'm looking for some good Halloween catalogs that you can request for free. As I live in Canada it's hard to get the good ones like Oriantal Trading, Grandinroad, Spirit Halloween, etc as they won't ship to Canada :( Does anyone know of any free catalogs that ship to Canada?
  3. General Halloween
    I've been looking for catalogs with Halloween merchandise. So far I've gotten copies of the seasonal Oriental Trading and Grandin Road catalogs. I also stumbled across HalloweenFX which provides a free catalog. Any other suggestions?
  4. General Halloween
    I was just reading Shadowbats ltd-commodities thread and it got me excited thinking about all of the new catalogs that will be coming out soon. I thought if we had a thread listing our favorite catalogs we could all make sure we were signed up to get them. Here are a few of my favs. What are...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    I would be interested in buying your spirit Halloween catalogs from the years 2007 to 2009. PLEASE POST PICTURES!!
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    FrightProps has a limited number of catalogs we can mail out. When they are gone they are GONE! If you would like one please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your Name and Address. All orders from FrightProps are shipped with one so if you have already ordered or intend to order...
  7. General Halloween
    There are not that many good places to buy halloween costumes/decorations in the area i live so i was wondering if anyone could tell me some any websites i can request a halloween catalog (preferably for free). Thanks! :p
1-7 of 7 Results