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  1. Black cat sitting on a fence

    General Halloween
    Found this adorable hollow concrete cat a while back. Today I decided to paint him black & perch him on a fence post. There are strong wooden dowels inside so he isn’t easily stolen or knocked off.
  2. Spirit Halloween animated "Creepy Cat Urn" for sale?

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone. I previously owned this animated creepy cat urn from Spirit (that the cat pops in and out of) and it was a big part of my interactive shooting gallery, but this year it finally stopped working. Does anyone have a spare they might be willing to part with? Unfortunatley it looks like...
  3. "Twisted" Alice in Wonderland for a group

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi all - been a while since I have posted - mostly I just lurk and see what wonderful stuff everyone else is doing. I thought I would pop in to get some ideas about the family theme for this year Twisted/Horror Alice in Wonderful. My daughter got to pick and this is what she wanted. She wants to...
  4. Great Witch Prop

    General Halloween
    Has anyone seen this prop? https://youtu.be/wi6nf66uU10 I love it. It's on Walmart online but is sold out. It's $200. Thats a little rich for my blood right now. But it's a great prop. The little girl screaming is a hoot. There is also one with the witch holding a cat :D
  5. Black cat statue in the US??

    Wanted to Buy
    nm ------------
  6. Static: Black Cat pattern

    Halloween Props
    I've gotten really interested in those balsa wood 3d puzzles lately. My spidr worked out pretty good so I decided to try a black cat and a vulture. FOr the cat I drew a silhouette of a cat and spent some time figuring out how to make a puzzle from it. Here are some pics. There are a few so I'll...
  7. Pneumatic: Summertime Zombie Use.....Deer Repellent

    Halloween Props
    The planters around the place have been a deer buffet lately so I thought I'd get the groundbreaker out and see if he could help them survive.... I need to set up a camera to catch the reaction if one wanders too close to it. It made an impression on one of the outside cats. That cat...
  8. WANTED: Giant Ben Cooper Masks (Target Store Displays)

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey all! I'm looking for the giant masks that Target used as store display pieces during the year 2003, I believe. Here's a photo. I know they're out there, but haven't had any luck. I'm particularly looking for the Frankenstein, Cat, and Clown. They're primarily for an event, so if...
  9. Mechanical: Animated Black Cat Prop

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made an animated cat prop. I'm looking to make something like Gemmy's Fraidy Cat, but that looks scarier and that doesn't sing a stupid song. I found this pattern to skin the prop. http://dollmaker.nunodoll.com/cat/bicolorcat.html I elongated the body by a few inches, and...
  10. Mechanical: One way to Skin a cat...

    Halloween Props
    I had this Furreal cat for my organ grinder that I wanted to turn into a monkey. Here he is in his white fur: SO I skinned the cat down to bare "bones." Excuse his violent "poo flinging" action... I fixed that later... I finished him up with some brown fur and gave him a little tin cup...
  11. Walmart Vintagey 2017 finds

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    OK, I have sorted & taken pics of the extra stuff I have. PM me if you're interested & I can give you a shipping cost. All I'm asking is the actual cost + shipping. I'm in MD so consider that in the shipping cost & time factor. The none of these things are very heavy, even the busts are...
  12. Static: Haunted Tree for Drake Manor

    Halloween Props
    Having getting sick of my bags of parcel packaging falling everywhere as soon as I open the garage door I decided today was the day! I wanted something that would fit in the corner near entrance to front door so decided on a tree. I didn't want one with a face just one that looked bare after...
  13. Electronic/Software: New routine for 2016 3 axis pirates

    Halloween Props
    This year I finally got the skulls all wired up via Cat 5, with 20' runs. It was a fun project and I learned a LOT. This will be set up in the yard with the computer and SSC32 board safe on the front porch. The new routine goes about 10 minutes, with chatter and a couple of songs. The vocals are...
  14. Electronic/Software: Modified Home Depot Cat Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    Picked up an inexpensive cat skeleton at Home Depot that had very basic animation. Replaced the stock cheezy red LEDs with yellow ones, covered each with a round blob of clear silicone caulk and then added a thin vertical pupil. Then added a second motor to animate the tail (which was the...
  15. Merchandisers annoying need to unnecessarily label product

    General Halloween
    This is so annoying to me. It's bad enough to ruin awesome products with "happy halloween" or "spooky" or "witch's brew," (because I love to decorate realistically and a witch would never have a cauldron that said "witch's brew). But stuff like THIS really takes the cake. I suppose they...
  16. Black Cat Demon Face

    Haunted Humor
    omg guys, look what I found on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/473722454536634745/ Gotta go find my cat. Here Taboo, here Boo Boo.....
  17. If you haven't seen a cat watching a horror movie...

    Haunted Humor
    here is your chance :D
  18. Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 1 and Volume 2"

    Halloween Music
    Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 1" (Mercury, MG 20815, 1963) DOWNLOAD LINK: https://app.box.com/shared/01t6rekzau MORE INFO AT SCAR STUFF HERE: http://scarstuff.blogspot.com/2006/02/boris-karloff-tales-of-frightened.html Tracklist A1 The Man In The Raincoat 4:56 A2 The Deadly...
  19. Static: Styrofoam cat

    Halloween Props
    How do i fix the leg of my cat? It snapped in half. :(