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  1. Electronic/Software: My severed head, literally

    Halloween Props
    I grew up watching Sci-fi and Horror. Over the years I have seen so many uses for a severed head. I've always wanted to make one of my head! I have so many different props I would like to make with it! The one that really stands out is and android head. In Star Trek The Next Generation they...
  2. Static: Anyone know where I can find...

    Halloween Props
    I got these Reaper busts a few years ago at the Dollar Tree but they haven't had them since. I use them for the top of my small pillars for the cemetery but need a few more. If anyone has any clue where to get them let me know! I thought about casting my own but haven't had the best...
  3. Other: Ritual Dagger prop

    Halloween Props
    Decided Hagetha needed a dagger on her belt to help with casting her spells so I came up with this. Just for decoration, not for actor handling...
  4. Casting Latex Help

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone help guide me in the right direction on where to go to get casting latex? I prefer to go to a brick and morter store than purchase online. Also a decent one thats not too expensive. Thanks in advance.:)
  5. Spell casting witch--Grandin Road vs Spirit

    General Halloween
    I'very been interested in the spell casting witch prop since I saw one at Spirit last year. I see Grandin Road has it, too, but they seem slightly different in the face. If anyone has seen both in person, would you please offer an opinion, and maybe post some pics of the head? Thanks! Links...
  6. Other My first attempt at making a 2-part mold

    Halloween Crafts
    All molding and casting products can be found at smoothon.com
  7. Static: HELP! Catacomb Bone Burnout

    Halloween Props
    I apologize for the wordiness but I have a vision and am having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees. I am planning on turning my long and narrow hallway into the Paris Catacombs (with a little bit of the Sicilian ones thrown in for good measure). I have cut foam insulation panels...
  8. Latex Mold Making: Skulls on the Cheap.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Welcome to the new and hopefully improved latex mold tutorial. At the very least, I have a more secure picture host. As with most my recent tutorials, I will break it down via a series of direct links in the top post here to work as a directory. I'll turn these into links as I type up each...
  9. Holy Crap- A Mini Backyard Foundry- Cast anything you want out of soda cans

    General Halloween
    I just watched these three videos from a YouTube channel I subscribe to and I couldn't be more excited at the possibilities. After you watch these videos, share what you would use this method to make...I am very excited with playing with this! Video one shows you how to make a small backyard...
  10. Static: Has anyone ever used Alja-Safe Alginate

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to cast some hands this year for a couple of projects and have never done any casting before. I came across Alja-Safe and was wondering if anyone here has used it before. I've seen plaster and latex used inside the mold but I'm curious if spray foam could also be used. Because it...
  11. School project, can we make this a halloween tour?

    General Halloween
    Talia brought home a little homework project. silly little story, but it pretty much boils down to a kind of chain letter idea. She made a self portrait we are supposed to mail around, the recipient is supposed to send a postcard back, and maybe a pic with the portrait 'doing something fun'...
  12. where to buy ultracal 30 around lincoln/omaha ne?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know where to buy ultracal 30 around the Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska area? I know may online stores carry it buy shipping is about the same price as the product. =) I've been searching the internet for hours.......grrrrr..... Thanks in advance!
  13. Madame Leota tombstone - need help with casting/molding

    Halloween Props
    Me and my father are trying to make a madame leota tombstone from the haunted mansion and this is what we came up with so far.. made it out of clay but now is the tricky part and figuring out how to mold it an make a cast out of some sort of foam but the tricky part is it has to be made laying...
  14. Molding and casting polyurethane foam bones

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm currently in the process of making an severed hand/arm prop so thought i would post a couple of tutorials on how i do it. This tutorial shows how to make polyurethane bones which stick out of the hand. You will need: rigid polyurethane foam (500g is more than enough)...
  15. Static: Attaching a silicone hand to PVC ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so i have this silicone hand which i would like to put on a pvc dummy, but how should i go about attaching the hand to the dummy ? Thanks Phil :D
  16. Need someone who is a professional sculptor who can make Collectible figurines.

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello I Need someone who is a professional sculptor who can make Collectible figurines. out of resin or another really good material.. I had a guy but he is way to flakey to keep up with what I am trying to accomplish and is very unstable and unreliable so if anyone here is doing this type of...
  17. Other: Mold making and casting ????

    Halloween Props
    I would love to be able to create an alginate hand mold as well as a silicone hand. Both the mold and the silicone hand can be seen in these videos. I live in the uk and would prefer not to order from overseas. Amazon uk sells this alginate set .... Alginate Regular Set 454g: Amazon.co.uk...