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  1. Haunted Humor
    This is an original cartoon. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm trying to make Jafar's Turban from Aladdin. I know I can just buy one but I don't like the way it looks plus I would like mine to look less cartoon and more like a real turban .any thoughts thanks
  3. Haunted Humor
    Here's one that includes a limerick.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys! Just wanted to share something that I drew up quick. Its a few things from the Disney classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! I am a HUGE Fan of the cartoon since I was small, This is what got me into Halloween! I watch it every year! I am now sculpting some of the characters from this...
  5. General Halloween
    I'm super excited about this. I think I've mentioned this cartoon about 50 times since I joined the forums. We have a VHS tape of it that we bought used from a video store that probably was a rental copy from the early 80s. It's definitely on it's last legs. I've heard some people say it's...
  6. General Halloween
    Came across this in the latest Diamond Distributing catalogue (that's where your local comic shops order from). I'm sure you can find 'em around online, but I couldn't find a photo with all the masks together. I know there's a couple people around with an unhealthy attraction to the Rankin Bass...
  7. General Halloween
    Here's a funny Halloween cartoon/animation to lift the "halloween spirit". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu-avFoq3T8
  8. Halloween Music
    Hi all, I'm a synthrock musician in Brooklyn, NY, and I have a couple of animated music videos that I think readers of this forum will enjoy. Haunted castles, zombies, psychotic DJs, Charlie Brown-style dancing, and more!! Check them out on my website...
1-8 of 9 Results