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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello Fellow Haunts! So this was my big project for last year. I added a back row to my archway as well, but I wanted to create something new and exciting! I built these two Jacko Sentinels to guard my back yard during the October season. They are built with a PVC frame and base. I used...
  2. Halloween Props
    Howdy Folks! This is my first post in what feels like eons (on a new account, no less).... and I'm so glad to see this community is still THRIVING, even during the off-season! I've tasked myself with an elaborate project for next year, and it involves something I have little experience with...
  3. Member Introduction
    Last minute decorations made cars slow down and was a hit with trick or treaters. We ran out of candy after an hours and a half in a neighborhood here in Michigan which is normally very quiet. We had over 90 families with multiple kids in tow. I created a congruent theme of a classic...
  4. Halloween Props
    It's my second year decorating at our new house. We don't get any TOT's since we live on a main road, but we do get a lot of cars driving by and slowing down. I have have two projectors running: second floor is a ghost bride loop and the first floor is a loop of sirens and wraiths. We have a...
  5. General Halloween
    Hey guys hopefully everyone had a very Happy Halloween!! Ok let me start off by saying that I live in a condo on the 3rd floor we usually decorate the whole building, we only decorate on the back side where we live only and try to scale back from the front due to some of our neighbors being too...
  6. General Halloween
    Hi! For those of you doing an outdoor set-up that have a driveway to deal with, I'm wondering if you could post any inspirational ideas or photos. We have a driveway that is two cars wide & two cars long (so four cars could fit total), and I'd like to find a way to incorporate it better into the...
  7. General Halloween
    New show on Reelz. They restore fantasy cars and tonight its the Ecto 1!!! woohooo!
  8. Halloween Props
    We built this inside one of our cars that we parked along the street. It's triggered with an RF remote that plugs into a power inverter in the car. Some notes about construction: Human skulls from Target, geared DC motors, sheet of plywood, a power supply for the motors (we used an adjustable...
  9. Halloween Props
    I received an email today from a company that sells information on street rods, and this email was all about Halloween cars. This link has photos of dozens of coffin cars: This link features a pumpkin car: http://www.tbucketplans.com/halloween_hot_rod/ So if you've always wanted to combine...
  10. Blog
    It would be so fun to be able to cruise around in this on Halloween.
  11. Blog
    Once around the pumpkin patch! Convenient for all those Vampires...you never even need get out of bed. A Perilous "Alien" themed ride.... You can be COOL & creepy when cruising the cemetary!
1-11 of 12 Results