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  1. HAUNTED RADIO: stranger things, green inferno, mchc, dawn of the dead, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are kick off the new year with news on the Motor City Haunt Club's Haunted Garage Sale, Stranger Things, The Green Inferno, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Dawn Of The Dead, Final Destination, and more!! Then, we review the John Carpenter film 'They Live' and then our...
  2. Halloween (movie) 2018

    Horror Discussion
    Not only is John Carpenter back, but Jamie Lee Curtis will be back as Laurie Strode! Is it too early to get tickets?
  3. Huge halloween news!!!

    Horror Discussion
    John Carpenter signs on for 10th "Halloween" sequel!! John Carpenter, creator of the original Halloween films, will executive produce a new production in the horror franchise. Miramax and Blumhouse Productions will co-finance development and production, with Malek Akkad serving as producer...
  4. Carpenter or Zombie?

    General Halloween
    Theres an abundance of halloween movies but whose style did you prefer, John Carpenter or Rob Zombie? http://www.wickedhorror.com/features/remake-comparison-halloween-carpenter-vs-zombie/
  5. My Halloween Page (Movie)

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone! I made a page on Squidoo for John Carpenter's "Halloween." If you're a fan of the movie, or you haven't seen it but are interested, check it out! I have my own review for the movie, the soundtrack, and trailer. I worked really hard on making it, so please visit! This is the URL...