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  1. "Carousel" + HORRORSHOW download codes • good til Oct. 31, 2019

    Halloween Music
    Hi All ... It's been a while since I posted here :( I've been working on a new album and decided to include a special track in time for Halloween. It's called "Carousel" – and I've posted a preview video on YouTube. I took "Carousel" (one of the tracks from my HORRORSHOW instrumental...
  2. Static: Nightmare Before Christmas $9.00

    Halloween Props
    I did already have some kids costumes and the Carousel horse. (Dog was a gift)
  3. Carnival Themed Music - Not Carousel Music

    Halloween Music
    So I always see people asking for carnival or circus music. And the standard answer that comes back is for carousel sounding stuff. If one is just looking for ambient music that is great. But not for what I need... I actually put on a entire live dance show. I need songs that fit themes...
  4. CarnEVIL ideas for 2016

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    2016 Halloween party plans are underway! We have reserved the 30x100 red and white striped tent as well as a smaller tent to make an entrance. The tent will be set up on Monday of decor week with the party being on October 22nd. We have some big ideas, including a carousel horse that can be sat...
  5. Mechanical: Circus/Carnival theme: Scarousel for the mechanically challenged

    Halloween Props
    I am artistic, but not mechanically inclined. I know nothing of wiring motors, splicing lines or making things work other than what I can fudge together myself using bits and pieces of other stuff. But I am (so my husband says) gifted when it comes to repurposing things and finding creative...
  6. 2014 Halloween Theme - Carnival of Shadows

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, the 2014 season is over, but I wanted to share some pictures/experiences about this year. I received a lot of inspiration for my Halloween from these forums and wanted to share some back. This year's theme was "Carnival of Shadows" (CarnEVIl, Creepy Carnival, etc) The main props built for...
  7. Prop Showcase: Edmond's Abandoned Carousel

    Halloween Props
    The Story Edmond was the misunderstood son of a craftsman who designed carousels (as his father had before him). When the local amusement park wanted the jewel of the fairground crown redesigned, no one was as surprised as Edmond when the task was appointed to him. "Just base the design on...