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  1. CarnEvil Theme Circus Tent Boxed Invitations!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello! I send post card save the dates on September 1, but I finally shipped out my boxed Halloween invitations this week. This year is a CarnEvil / Dark Circus theme. I made my circus tent templates in Photoshop, cut them out, glued them together, filled them with carnival treats and toys, and...
  2. Help me decide! (Pics included)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am sending out my save the dates next month, on the first, for this year's party. I'm getting a little down to the wire here since i need to get my files to my printer this week, but I'm completely torn between some variations of my postcards! Here's the dilemma (there's two): (1) Should I...
  3. Static: Circus tent feel (indoors)

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, This year I am going to be having a "Psycho Circus and Sideshow" theme for the Halloween party. The room I was planning on using for the "Psycho circus" section is about 20x12 with an 8 foot ceiling. I was hoping to make it feel like you were inside a circus tent. Some ideas I was...
  4. Circus Tent HELP!

    Halloween Props
    Thinking of doing a Carnival theme this year and was wondering how I could go about making a red/white circus theme tent?
  5. Static: Need Ideas for Side shows for our creepy carnival

    Halloween Props
    We are doing a haunted carnival theme and I need some ideas for side shows..