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  1. Halloween Props
    I received an email today from a company that sells information on street rods, and this email was all about Halloween cars. This link has photos of dozens of coffin cars: This link features a pumpkin car: http://www.tbucketplans.com/halloween_hot_rod/ So if you've always wanted to combine...
  2. General Halloween
    this is just a vent thread.. I felt i needed a boost aside from my social media which most dont understand my obsession for our fave holiday. SOOOO here it goes..... between deaths, car wrecks, other serious health issues from other family members/friends add to that the weather we just had a...
  3. General Halloween
    So my car is in the shop (Cadillac) and they asked me what kind of car I need. I said I needed something big because I have to take around members of the board. Wasn't lying! Let the Haunt building commence! :D
  4. Halloween Props
    we have the front end of a car and will trigger the horn and lights to come on when people walk by. My question... will a 12V 10A power supply power the 4 headlights and the horn on this car? If so, great because then I know I can use the picoboo controller I have. If not, I may need to use...
  5. General Halloween
    Sooooo... We just bought a new car. I was totally bummed to sell my Jeep Liberty. I need the 4WD in the winter and I could throw my dogs in the back and head to the dog park. I like my new Sonata BUT no 4WD and I'm not throwing my dogs in a brand new sedan. Hubby knew I was having a hard time so...
  6. Halloween Props
    Not only was it downright fun driving around town with this guy riding shotgun, but it was also great advertisement for our little theatre's Halloween haunt. Unfortunately these pictures were taken before I added the bullet hole decals, but I think you get the idea. There is still...
41-46 of 49 Results