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  1. Is my Antari SP-35A pump missing check valve?

    Halloween Props
    Hello All, Not sure if this is the right place to post, but seemed to fit best. I've picked up an Antari ICE 100 low ground fog machine and the pump works, but is the devil to get primed and once it does, it doesn't look like it has the flow it should. I've completely cleaned the heater block...
  2. Any advice on a bald cap?

    General Halloween
    I am seeking a high quality bald cap for my costume this year. Anyone have any advice on a good brand/source? Thanks Keith
  3. "Halloween leaf girl" - Unorthodox attempts to build a dryad.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Talia is always challenging for me. I got creepy down, no problem. But she wants to be pretty AND creepy. She also gets something in her head and don't let it go. Think it was about a year ago, she had chosen her costume for last year, and we saw this on Faceoff. She said right...
  4. Jewelry Desperately seeking pendant cap 25mm or larger

    Halloween Crafts
    I am trying to complete my creepiest creation yet - something so horrifying it gives even me a twinge. What I need is a pendant cap, oval or rectangular, with an interior width of at least 25mm, preferably wider. Sterling silver strongly preferred but at this point, I am not inclined to be...
  5. Prop Showcase: Hearse Prop- flat pack style!

    Halloween Props
    For the past couple of years, the hearse in front of the house has been fun to have around. The neighbors and visitors seem to enjoy it quite a bit. People really seem to get a kick out of its large scale, and the dimensional nature of it, so it can be a pretty fun centerpiece for a...