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    One of my favorite creations! DIY pirate cannon made of styrofoam board and a concrete tube.
  2. Other: Line Entertainment Tricycle

    Halloween Props
    Custom Trike for Attraction Line Entertainment Estimated ETA: June Current: awaiting axle 36' Axle w/ 20" Tires -Delivered 20" Tires -Possible front end Electric Tire Bench Seat Battery Air Reservoir w/quick connect -sneak up scares would be difficult...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Fake explosions

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have experience creating fake explosions? I'd like to simulate a small explosion that would result from cannon fire. It would need run several times during the evening. I've seen examples using flour/baby powder and an air cannon....which would be perfect except it would need refilling...
  4. Electronic/Software: Pirate Haunt 2018

    Halloween Props
    Here's my pirate haunt so far. Need to add the audio to my talking skeletons and parrot and to my drinking pirate out in the yard, but overall I'm happy with the results. The blue LED lights always look really harsh in the video, but I think I need to make some adjustments on them regardless. My...
  5. Hello from CT

    Member Introduction
    New to the site. Having a Pirate Party the weekend before Halloween and I'm looking for some projects to make. I saw the cannon with the fog machine which I will try to make and looking forward to posting my ideas soon so I can share with the forum. :)
  6. Mechanical: Know you're busy...Need some feedback.

    Halloween Props
    Although I don't post often, I follow religiously and have an opportunity to have my two worlds come together. I am currently taking a class on product formation. Being a haunter, and specifically into Pirates, I am conceptualizing a self-contained pirate cannon as a product that can be taken...
  7. Fog: Instant smoke effect

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I've been planning to build a cannon for a while now but I still haven't decided on how to make smoke come out of it. I want this cannon to look like it's firing so I need a quick blast of smoke coming out of the end which is synchronised with audio and pneumatics. I'm also planning to...
  8. Prop Showcase: pirate ship cannon

    Halloween Props
    Hi there from the Netherlands Its been a while since i last posted something but i have been working for this years pirate halloween display. i have made a pirate cannon which shoots smoke from the barrel. i am pretty content with how it worked out but there is always room for improvement. i...
  9. Static: Cannon Blast

    Halloween Props
    Playing around with some ideas for a realistic cannon blast for my Pirate Cannons. Tried a small roman candle strategically placed inside the barrel. Love the effect, but unfortunately there's no way this is ToT'er safe/friendly.
  10. Pneumatic: Need advice on motion sensor air cannon

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on a motion sensor air cannon. I can figure out how to build the cannon and probably hack a motion light for the sensor but how do I shorten the interval of the blast to just a couple of seconds Thanks Keith
  11. Static: Human Cannon idea - would love some input

    Halloween Props
    I'd like to do a cannon (as in "the human cannon ball") and make it lifesize so that people can actually use it as a photo op. Sono tubes that size are not stocked in my area (and the cost/shipping for an online purchase is prohibitive). I've thought about papermache or monster mudded chicken...
  12. Static: Sunken Pirate Cannon (WIP)

    Halloween Props
    So seeing as the missus piped up and said she wanted a Pirates of the Caribbean theme this year I jumped straight on it before she changed her mind... and started making a cannon. We want a ship wreck scene in the garden (Plus it will go with our general beach theme we have planned for the top...
  13. Prop Showcase: Update Pirate Cannon 2016

    Halloween Props
    OK, so some of you have seen the "new" cannon from last year. Click Me! I had all sorts of issues with getting the mechanics/electronics worked out. I am happy to say, after way too many months ... it's working. Here she is in all her glory! Finally, one prop completed!
  14. Not sure what to do with cannon...

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We made, what I think, is a pretty cool cannon for our Pirate themed party this year. I hate to get rid of it, however it is kind of big to store and we aren't sure when we would use it again. Do you guys have any suggestions for other themes this might work for in the future, so I can justify...
  15. 2015 Pirate Haunt - North Carolina

    General Halloween
    With most of this year's prop work scattered across the HalloweenForum, and before the weekend gets too crazy and everything gets pulled down, I wanted to post a video of this year's "Surrender Yer Booty" Pirate-Themed Haunt. We have some tweaking to do before the big day, but here is a sneak...
  16. Pirate Themed Props for Sale - Charlotte, NC Area

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Come Nov.1, 2015 - I will be selling (cash only) all of my Pirate Halloween Props to make space for new stuff next year. Please contact me if interested - local pick in Charlotte, North Carolina area only. All props are custom made and built to withstand minor weather. Additional photos and...
  17. Port Royal type haunt?

    General Halloween
    I am getting a very late start but just moved to a new home and the idea was to have a pirate theme but instead of a ship is to have the house being invaded by the Pirates. Eventually I want cannon to fire and have a pirate blown off the muzzle of said cannon. But for a quick start for this year...
  18. Prop Showcase: New Cannon for 2015

    Halloween Props
    Finished up a new cannon for my pirates this year. Made the same way my last one was built just a bit more detailing & different paint scheme. Having some issues with the electronics but it will eventually shoot fog, have a muzzle flash & sound effects. It's 8" diameter by 5' long. Comes apart...
  19. Fog: Halloween Pirate Cannon

    Halloween Props
    After 8 weeks battling the heat in the garage, I wanted to share some photos of the newly finished Pirate Cannon. Just a few details - she's modeled after a 17th Century French, 18-pound artillery piece. At 7 feet long, she fires with smoke, light, and a neatly hidden subwoofer that shakes...
  20. How to Build a Pirate Naval Cannon - Smoke, Sound, Light, and a Real Fuse!

    Ahoy Maties! This year, I embarked on building a full-size replica naval cannon for the Pirate Haunting Theme this year. It's modeled after a French 18-pounder naval artillery piece complete with Smoke, Sound, Light , and yes - real cannon fuse! Click the link below to see more: How to Build...