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  1. Halloween Props
    Got bored last weekend and had an idea come to me for a haunted candlestick. So after a few hours of tinkering and thinking I ended up making it a reality. Just a fun little prop I wanted to see if I could make
    I picked up a few of these CVS Talking/Singing Candlestick guys on clearance. Surprisingly when activated he speaks in several different voices and then sings "Spooky". I was thinking since he has several voices and I have several candlesticks it might be fun to link them all together if...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, Yeah, I know -- some of "YOU folks" (read as: "Propoholics") are also like me...haunted with thoughts of making a prop during, dare I say it, your Christmas "vacation". We'll, I too, am guilty. These three 1980's pastel-colored, hand-carved, wooden candlesticks were recently...
1-3 of 3 Results