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  1. ScentSations?!?

    For Sale By Merchants
    My friend Tracy makes scented candles and soaps by hand. Visit her here: http://scentsationsbytracy.com/ Like her page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ScentSations-By-Tracy/201930866495965 I convinced her to make me some leather scented candles, which I love! Now I am working on convincing...
  2. Static: Fake Cheap Candles... I can't stop making them!!

    Halloween Props
    Because I'm too big of a chicken to use Great Stuff anymore (I was told it's flammable) and I am too lazy to cut PVC pipe, I went looking for an easier way to create cheap fake candles... I found Dave Lowe's blog post on using cardboard tubes (ie toilet paper and paper towel rolls)... and NOW...
  3. Static: Pumpkin Clock

    Halloween Props
    Hey Guys! Its been awhile since I've been on here. Anyway, here's a clock that I recently put together. Yes the candles light up and so does the one in the pumpkin. I can't figure out what to put on top? A whole bunch of little candles? A gargoyle, skull? Or just leave it. Also, crackle...
  4. Easy make chandelier

    Halloween Props
    Here is my latest tutorial on making an easy candle chandelier Easy Make Chandelier Comments and suggestions welcome :cool:
  5. Lighting: best rechargeable LED candles

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to get and give some opinions on the best brand of rechargeable flicker candles on the market. I know that many of you use the dollar store battery powered LED flicker votive, but I ran across some great rechargeable LED candles at my local Target and am extremely...