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  1. Froggysfog haunted house or gothic for indoor?

    General Halloween
    I've found a few threads about froggysfog scents, but it seems they are all from folks with either an outdoor graveyard scene or a butcher shop scene. I am hosting a 'Demon's Ball' this year, indoors, with my normal excessive amount of attention to detail. We will have a low-lying fogger...
  2. Lighting: Homemade Flickering Candles

    Halloween Props
    Last year I made PVC candles for the first time and loved the way they came out! I used PVC insulation to fill the inside and support the led candles on the top. This year I plan to make probably about one-two dozen more. However, I want to try something new with them. Due to the rain we receive...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Clear rods for Floating Candles in Graveyard?

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone, I am thinking about incorporating static floating candles in my cemetery this year. I saw this picture that seems to be a twist on Harry Potter that started to get me thinking. Most set ups use fishing line, but I want these out in the open and spread throughout the cemetery...
  4. Other Newest candle lit tombstone

    Halloween Crafts
    My latest project that is completed. It has 43 orange flickering candles. Why 43? I have no clue, just made a bunch of candles up and that's what it came up too. All the wiring and the battery is hidden inside the base.
  5. Static: LED changing color Candles

    Halloween Props
    these are cool got me one...
  6. Lighting: LED Candles and Oil Lamp

    Halloween Props
    Just finished my first props for 2015. The candles I made a couple of years ago but originally had flicker bulbs in them. I've had trouble with the flicker bulbs ever since I made them, so today I tore out the guts and rewired it with flicker LED's which are run with a 12vdc wall wart. The...
  7. Moving Flame Candles

    Off-Topic Stuff
    There have been several forum threads on the moving flame battery-operated candles that are popular here with members, albeit more expensive than the simple flickering LED versions. If you aren't familiar with the moving flame technology basically the flame is lit from below and rocks back in...
  8. Lighting: luminara candles, anyone use them?

    Halloween Props
    http://luminara.com/ I like the effect but they are a bit pricey to use several
  9. Help with candles!

    I need a lot of help with how I can keep pvc or TP/paper towel candles where they are! every year, Everything blows out of the yard! It's extremely windy during halloween. How Do I keep Light and small props from blowing away? :(
  10. Lighting: Flicker candles with addressable (pixel) LEDs

    Halloween Props
    Hi folks, I have been giving some thought to a potential new project for our 2015 haunt and was curious if anyone has done some something like this before or would be willing to share your thoughts. Here is the effect I was thinking about: On the approach the candles distributed about the...
  11. Candle recommendations?

    General Halloween
    Hi friends! I'm terribly missing halloween:( looking for some candles to get me by - any recommendations? I saw a post back from 2008/9 re: Dark Candles - but I have yet to try. Same post said eveningeclipse.com but the website seems gone? What do you lovely people recommend? Thank u
  12. CVS 20% off Halloween Home Decor - 10/12 - 10/18 Sat.

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Stopped in our CVS and noticed that Halloween Home Decor (excluding Red Hot Deals and clearance items) is on sale this week for 20% off regular retail, with Card. I know HH if there are any left is a Red Hot Deal so would be excluded. Items included were Costumes, Halloween makeup, home decor...
  13. Pirate Meta Plate 2 Lion Candelabra for Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Plate about a foot diameter, 2 candelabra 17 inches long, (only 1 pictured but you get 2) metal and wood, candles included. Candles are the blood drip kind battery operated. These items are stunning. $25 plus shipping for all - plate, 2 candelabra, 4 candles.
  14. Lighting: 12V LED PVC Candles

    Halloween Props
    We have PVC candles we made 4 years ago for our haunt. They use the battery powered tea lights, which tend to be a pain to remember to turn on and off, etc. So this year, I converted them over to 12V powered LEDs connected via RCA jacks. If you are interested in how I did it, here is a basic...
  15. Black Gothic Candelabra for Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    its 13 inches high, made of sturdy metal. Original in the box from GRANDIN ROAD. $ 6 each plus shipping. Want the candle too? $7 I have 4 total. Buy all 4 with candles for $25 plus shipping. PM me. Just not using this year, forgot I even had them!
  16. Easy decorative luminaries

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This is a no brainer and so easy. You can use any kind of jar. I happened to pick up a crate of mason jars at a garage sale. I print out photos related to whatever theme I'm doing and tape them to the jar. I fill the jar with pebbles or sand. Then I stick some Dollar Tree battery operated...
  17. Static: Found cool lantern and candles at Walmart cheap!

    Halloween Props
    I was at Walmart today looking through their candle section. They have these cool lanterns that are run by fuel. They look just like the graveyard lanterns. Thinking I could probably take it apart and put a battery operated candle in it instead. Not bad for $5.97. They also had a few boxes of 3...
  18. Giant Candles with realistic wax drips

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, I have exhausted all attempts, without going to forums, so now I have scoured many forums for this info, and I think there are others that have had this question at some point; I just haven’t seen it brought up. By utilizing cement pillar forms, I am building Giant Candles, ranging...
  19. 2010 Wolfmoon Cemetery Haunt

    General Halloween
    Ok I know I'm lazy but I finally got my 2010 Haunt pictures posted. This year we added Freddy, some new tombstones and some creepy candles. Here's a few teasers - check out the rest of the haunt in my album Wolfmoon 2010 Haunt or check it out at our blog Wolfmoon Cemetery...
  20. Electronic/Software: Floor Standing Candelabra - Spirit Halloween 2011

    Halloween Props
    Floor Standing Candelabra Coming Soon To Spirit Halloween "The Standing Candelabra is designed for use on the floor just as you would use a floor lamp and is made of a grayish pewter look poly-resin with five cream colored battery operated LED candles. Item Dimensions: H"" x L"" x D""-...