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  2. Flickering Lights

    Flickering Lights

    Set of Flickering Lights sold at Christmastime.
  3. Beloved in Graveyard

    Beloved in Graveyard

    Beloved in the Graveyard
  4. Halloween & Fall Candles { 2 0 1 9 }

    General Halloween
    Yankee Candle has Haunted Hollow Melt Cups and Fragrance Spheres for purchase online...as I type. They have Witches' Brew in the Melt Cup as well. Yankee put out some fall preview scents out during their Semi Annual Sale - several YouTube reviews to be watched. I have yet to make it to a store...
  5. Mechanical: Hoping for a Bit of Floating Candelabra Help

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have an idea for a floating candelabra that I think will look great in our haunt if I can pull it off. Which is why my first step is coming here and asking you all what you think the best approach might be. I am thinking of taking my little plastic candelabra and turning it into a...
  6. Lighting: candle help and ideas

    Halloween Props
    I recently had a conversation with a friend that works at a custom lighting company. Some of her lamps have plastic candles. She has been throwing away the extra ones. She just gave me my first batch of the leftover candles. They already have factory candle wax drips on them. They also come with...
  7. Halloween candles and wax melts

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello, fellow Haunters. I own Paper & Wick, a handcrafted candle company that stocks Halloween candles and wax melts year-round. Candles are $12 and wax melts are $3.90 or you can bundle them in 3 or 5 packs to save. Head on over to check them out. :)...
  8. Looking for...Vintage or Rare Halloween Yankee Candles!

    General Halloween
    I would love to buy the original medium or large jars of Halloween, Witches Brew or Trick Treat, or anything anyone has for sale which is pre-2005. Please reply and let me know!
  9. Vintage or Rare Halloween Yankee Candles

    General Halloween
    Looking for any YC Halloween Black Bands (Halloween, Witches Brew, Trick or Treat) in any size. Also interested in anything from pre-2005. Must be able to ship to either US or UK. Please post or PM what you have!
  10. Bed Bath & Beyond Clearance!

    General Halloween
    Not one of my usual stores to check for Christmas clearance, but I happened to go there today and scored flicker-flame light bulbs (2 pack) for 74¢ each! They also had the steady candle bulbs (2 pack) for 24¢!!! I am sorry now that I didn't grab more than I did. 50' grounded outdoor green...
  11. Outdoor Floating Candle help

    Over the past few weeks I have seen all these great ideas for PVC Candles using tea lights and various other things. This year I really want to hang some candles from a tree in my front yard. I want to make floating candles above the graveyard I am also going to be making. I have just run into a...
  12. Hanging Outdoor Pillar Lights

    Halloween Props
    Over the past few weeks I have seen all these great ideas for PVC Candles using tea lights and various other things. This year I really want to hang some candles from a tree in my front yard. I want to make floating candles above the graveyard I am also going to be making. I have just run into a...
  13. Papercraft Harry Potter Ideas for Halloween Front Porch?

    Halloween Crafts
    :D We always go all out for Halloween. :D This year we're planning on doing a Harry Potter inspired front porch. We've been working on making floating candles from the great hall. We're making them from cardboard tubes with hot glue for the dripping wax and then spray painting them. We...
  14. Candles for outside decor.

    General Halloween
    Ok, guys. I'm looking for some advice and suggestions Who here has used REAL candles for outdoor decor? Are there some kinds that are better than others? Tricks to keeping things lit? I've used real candles in both pumpkins and glass jars, and a couple of the '7 day candles' from...
  15. 16 Pack Flameless Candles

    General Halloween
    Not sure if this goes here - but if anybody is looking for 2" flicker candles - including batteries- Amazon has a terrific sale going on now until June 30. You can get 16 Comenzar Flameless Candles for $11.99. Coupon code "M86UFJBX" cuts that price to $5.99. With free shipping for Prime...
  16. Atmosphere Effects: Floating Candles

    Halloween Props
    I getting ready to begin one of my last minor prop builds for the season, but before I start I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. What I am looking to do is suspend candles from a tree in way that makes them look like they are floating in the air. I am most likely going to be using...
  17. Static: Remote Control LED tealight candles

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking at replacing my usual string light pathway guides with paper bag luminaries for this Halloween. For that old timey, vintage, nostalgic Halloween feel. I wanted LED candles for safety, and stumbled upon what could be a real convenience - remote control on/off. No digging into 50 bags...
  18. Bleeding Candles / Candlesticks / Candelabra

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I did a sort of Vampire themed dining room last year and love the way it turned out: I made a few videos on how to build the Candles, Candlesticks & Candelabra. It's cheap and easy! Start with the Bleeding Candles: Then the Candlesticks: And lastly, the big guy... the Candelabra: Enjoy!
  19. Turn a decorative Halloween pillar candle into an LED candle

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" posts... it's so easy. If you're like me, you probably have some awesome Halloween pillar candles collecting dust because you can't bring yourself to light them. The easy solution is to turn it into an LED candle. Just use a 1.5" forstner...
  20. Static: Witch Candles

    Halloween Props
    A bit of a variation on the witch lights/witch jars that everyone makes. I decided to make these weird kinda organic looking stakes that would each hold an LED candle to add to our witch scene. I rewired some led votives to run off a 5v 400ma power source and replaced the innards of the candles...