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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello, I am working on two indoor props this year and was wondering which is better for dripping candle wax? I have used hot glue before and been happy but I want some more pooling and long drips over the edge of the candle stick, that wont necessarily be very well supported. Which is stronger...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have an idea for a floating candelabra that I think will look great in our haunt if I can pull it off. Which is why my first step is coming here and asking you all what you think the best approach might be. I am thinking of taking my little plastic candelabra and turning it into a...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Good evening, I have made a full post on everything I have for sale, but I am making this post separate, as I have two cinematic quality pieces that I have no idea what they are, or what they are worth. The two items are a latex alien zombie girl, and a skull head candelabra. The latex alien...
  4. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I did a sort of Vampire themed dining room last year and love the way it turned out: I made a few videos on how to build the Candles, Candlesticks & Candelabra. It's cheap and easy! Start with the Bleeding Candles: Then the Candlesticks: And lastly, the big guy... the Candelabra: Enjoy!
  5. Halloween Props
    Mask $22, new mohair $16-1/2 yard, suit and shoes $12 Salvation Army, 3/4" pvc frame $10, gloves $2, knife $3, candelabra $9. Original mask After making a new wig Not quite finished but should be tomorrow
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    With the candles, they are 21 inches high. Candelabra is sturdy heavy metal from Grandin Road (item number #32200) from a few years back. All new - never used. The candles have red drip on them, this pic shows a faux painting I did for my pirate theme last year. So you will have to paint your...
  7. Halloween Props
    New purchase in action.
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Plate about a foot diameter, 2 candelabra 17 inches long, (only 1 pictured but you get 2) metal and wood, candles included. Candles are the blood drip kind battery operated. These items are stunning. $25 plus shipping for all - plate, 2 candelabra, 4 candles.
  9. Halloween Props
    so we decided LAST week to revive our annual haunt... I hope we have not taken on too much in such a short time. Monster theme this year. Still haven't figured out the invites in whole, but managed to assemble 2 props in two days.. lifesize mummy and candelabra. Vampire items will recycle from a...
  10. Halloween Props
    Floor Standing Candelabra Coming Soon To Spirit Halloween "The Standing Candelabra is designed for use on the floor just as you would use a floor lamp and is made of a grayish pewter look poly-resin with five cream colored battery operated LED candles. Item Dimensions: H"" x L"" x D""-...
  11. Halloween Props
    Hello all.. Just wondering if there's anyone out there that has tried what i'm about to... I have plans to create a Disappearing Ghost effect in the upper front window to my townhome. I guess it will be most similar Paris Disneyland's Ghost Bride that they added to the "Endless Hallway"...
1-11 of 11 Results