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  1. Static: Foam campfire (WARNING)

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to warn people about this prop. My grass caught on fire last week. I was out in the yard setting up another prop luckily when it happened. The sucker overheated and the grass caught fire. To build the prop you use great stuff and spray it over orange string lights. When you plug it...
  2. Something smells....

    General Halloween
    Ok...so I am looking to order some fragrance oils again this year for our foggers, but I am stuck on what to get. We are doing a witch/harvest theme and beyond "campfire" I am lost. I have heard of patchouli as a witchy fragrance but truth be told I've no clue what it smells like. Suggestions...
  3. The Evil Jack O' Lantern Campfire

    Halloween Props
  4. Help! I Don't want to be lame! (Teenaged Party tips!)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I've been having hallowen bon fire bashes since the sixth grade, and all my friends love them and look forward too it every year because not to toot my own horn but I am quite the haunter. ANYWAY its a few years later and I plan to have the big halloween bon fire bash but my friends are...