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  1. Halloween Props
    Before I search the gazillion listings on Ebay does anyone have a reasonably priced source for camo netting either through Ebay or elsewhere.
  2. Halloween Crafts
    I bought a camouflage roll of jute fabric after Halloween last year. I was looking to decorate with it this year, but was trying to get some ideas for its use. The scarier, creepier, bloodier, the better! Any ideas greatly appreciated! If you happen to have any pictures, please post as well...
  3. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Camouflage Burlap, Cloth or Camouflage Netting can all be used to give your Halloween Creation that old ,outdoor or hidden effect. We still have tons of all three in many styles and width/lengths. Shipping time is typically 1-2 business days on these items so there is still plenty of time to...
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    The Barre Army Navy Store carries a wide variety of Camouflage Netting, Camouflage Cloth and Burlap for your "Spooky" Creations! Discounts are listed under the items for larger yardage. New this year we have also put together some "Halloween Costume Sets" !!! Lets Get Spooky !!! Camo Netting and...
1-4 of 4 Results