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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am finishing up my monster in a box and was just trying to get some ideas on how everyone makes the cam wheel for the lid to move Thanks
  2. Halloween Props
    :cool:Hello everyone, brand new to the site, very excited to be here. I have a tekky toy convulsing werewolf. Unfortunately he took a dump last night. First his sound went dead, then the module that moves him forward and backwards shorted out. (melted electronic board) I've tried to contact...
  3. Halloween Props
    Here's a quick video I threw together last night showing how I used a cheapo dash cam and using it to record reactions/scares for my elevator this year. Hope it helps!
  4. Halloween Props
    At the second BL I found one of three working, so I bought the working one, after testing several times. All would light up and eye move, but the lids did not shut completely. After getting it home, it too would not shut the eyelids completely. Tried, unsuccessfully to force a rest, but no good...
  5. Halloween Props
    Im thinking of playing a smack cam prank on a friend, with pumpkin pies or something, any ideas?
  6. Halloween Props
    I'm getting ready to do my first wiper motor project but have an interesting question. I was looking at monster guts for the motors. They seem to be the least expensive ones out there. Anything at the auto parts store is about 3 times as much. Although I was thinking about checking the auto...
1-6 of 6 Results