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caldron creep

  1. UK haunters could you help? Cauldron Creep motors?

    Wanted to Buy
    Im going to have a go at making a caldron creep for this years halloween ( my son's request......) but not sure which motors to get? Looking at the instructions on the internet, I would need two. Bigger one to move the arms and a smaller one for the head. I know of 'monster guts' but not sure...
  2. Mechanical: My Corpsed Witch Caldron Creep from Walgreens Skelly

    Halloween Props
    Here is what I did with my Walgreens skeleton. I threw some cheap creepy cloth on her for now, but will dress her better for next year. I also have a two inch tube running into the caldron from behind that will connect to my fog machine, but that will get done tomorrow before the...