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  1. Electronic/Software: NEC MT 1060 projector - red outer box in image

    Halloween Props
    Background In November 2016 I bought a used NEC MT 1060 projector (2,600 lumens, Native Resolution 1024 × 768 XGA, Aspect Ratio 4:3) on eBay for £70 and it is the first projector that I’ve used. I had intended to use it for projecting onto a window for Halloween 2017 I but didn’t use it until...
  2. Mechanical: Axworthy Ghost motor question

    Halloween Props
    What would the average size motor be for an Axworthy Ghost? I will be using a lightweight ghoul head with foam arms and cheesecloth so he will be not weigh much at all and my yard is maybe 60 feet across so the cable he will travel on will be about 130ft. I have never built one of these and I...
  3. NEW 2019 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: THE VOICE BOX

    For Sale By Merchants
    Give your Costume Character a Voice! We got a lot of requests from our customers who wanted an "ALL IN ONE" Speaker that is Programmable, Portable, Light Weight, Awesome Sound Quality, and can be Triggered with your hand so your costume character can talk. Just Program your Voices/Sounds (8MB...
  4. Electronic/Software: CEREBUS prop missing FOG MACHINE RELAY CABLE

    Halloween Props
    Nov 1st, 2016 I bought a Spirit Halloween Cerebus, but it is missing the FOG MACHINE RELAY CABLE. I contacted Spirit Halloween several times since then, and initially they said it was temporarily Out Of Stock. But after regular emails to them (they do answer promptly), they finally say the...
  5. Static: Need some ideas to set up a collision screen in my yard.

    Halloween Props
    Anyone ever feel like they have "Designer Block"?? I have so much in my head that I want to do this October that it is hindering me from being able to lay it all out. Lots of things to make and figure to how it will all work together. One thing I'm adding this year is a AtmosFX Hollusion, and...
  6. Prop Factory - Giant Evil Clown Costume For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Save BIG BEFORE TransWorld! Haunt Closing Liquidation Prop Factory - Giant Evil Clown Costume $1850 Purchased 2017 - Retail $2300. Used 1 season. Super clean. Approximately 9' tall. Adjustable height to better fit any actor. Aluminum and steel frame armature with cable controls and...
  7. Motion Detector Hacks

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm going to go over 3 different kinds of Motion Detector Hacks that I've built and some of the pros and cons of them. First I will go over the tried and true hack that you've all seen on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKZSQq_rYls&t=818s This one is built like a tank. It can be...
  8. Lighting: Cable for Phono Plugs - 12V

    Halloween Props
    Hi all Last year I saw a post where someone had made a 'plug and play' style setup for 12volt LED's using phono plugs. Last year I had a go using grey speaker wire and worked ok. This year I would like to replace the grey speaker wire with black coloured cable. I'm trying to find (with no...
  9. Connecting 2 Fog Machines Together Please Help!

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, this might be a shot in the dark but was wondering if anyone knows how to connect 2 VEI 950 Fog Machines together in Series? It doesn't say in the manual and I can't get a hold of anybody at VEI and they no longer make this model fog machine. I know you can do it cause it says you can...
  10. Electronic/Software: Help with cable

    Halloween Props
    Hello - I was hoping someone could help identifying some bulk black cable that I have laying around. I would like to add a 3 prong plug to it and use it as a extension cord, but am clueless on what is printed on the outside cover. Here is what is printed: ul c(ul) SJOOW 3/C 18AWG(0.824mm2)...
  11. Mechanical: "Step Here" Pad extension?

    Halloween Props
    I bought an animatronic that I want to set in the corner of my yard but the sensors aren't triggering it very often. I bought a "Step Here" pad so I can just manually set it off but the cable is about 10 feet shorter than I need for that location. Is there a cable that I can attach to the "Step...
  12. Other: A wrecked car body,a worn out wheelbarrow

    Halloween Props
    Some used steel cable,a piece of used steel conduit, a radio tower,a Candy Store sign...all came together over these last two days. To liven-up my backyard maze (made from 43 used steel doors from a low-income housing Apts.) The old radio tower mast is triangular welded steel tubing (1960s?)...
  13. HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015 - A NIGHTmare AT THE MUSEUM (themed)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi Everyone, We are in the midst of planning out the props and effects for our 15th Annual Halloween Party. For the last 2 years, we had a haunted hotel themed party, with a "steam-punk" infusion for 2014. This year, we are changing it out for an "UnNatural History Museum" theme along the lines...
  14. I hate comcst cable

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I hope I dont offend anyone but, we are comcast subscribers due to the fact they are the only providers in the area and dish and direct are expensive when you add comcast internet. So here is my rant: we have hd nothing but trouble with our service for 2 years. All of our utilities are...
  15. Horror Shows on TV

    Horror Discussion
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/ I blogged about the horror TV shows I grew up watching whats everyone's favorite horror tv show? Mine is a toss up between Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside
  16. For Sale: Large Gemmy Talking Tree Kit! (Trade cancelled)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PRICE DROP!! NOW AT $40 + shipping! I'm cancelling my attempt to trade since there was no response. Now offering this for sale: $40 plus postage, box weighs 6lbs, 7oz. Like a Dougy Fir on steroids! This is a Gemmy Talking Christmas Tree Kit! A huge talking tree face to strap into a Christmas...
  17. Electronic/Software: Test of 3 axis skull, cable extensions help.,

    Halloween Props
    The plan is to have 4 singing pirates to entertain the line of guests waiting to go threw my haunt. Building the 3 axis was fun but now the hard part. I will need a 15 foot cable from each skull to reach the control ( ssc 32). I heard CAT 6 cable works and has 4 pairs - 8 wires, but reading...