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  1. 99¢ sale!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    It's crazy, we know, but yes it's true - hundreds of products each less than $1! It's like the Dollar Menu for parts! Now through Monday, May 27th while supplies last! Not valid with other discounts/promotions. https://www.servocity.com/ Including, but not limited to: Batteries Servo Leads...
  2. Mechanical: Madame Zaltana Trouble shooting HELP!

    Halloween Props
    I purchased the MZ animated prop from grandin road last year after halloween. I opened her up and put her together about a month ago, everything worked fine. She's sat in my living room (but not plugged in) since, while I got my garage haunt ready. I am now all set up & plugged her in today...
  3. Electronic/Software: Skeleton tree lunger

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently bought this Halloween skeleton tree lunger from Big Lots. It has a motion and sound activation function, but does not seem to be working for me. There is a try me button attached to it and that works quite well. I was wondering if anyone knew how I might be able to extend the...
  4. Electronic/Software: Life size Regan exorcist animated prop repair?

    Halloween Props
    I picked this up years ago as a package deal with a few other life size props (bone collector, scream, headless horseman for $50 bucks). When I got it I figured I could figure out why she didn't work but honestly it kept getting put in the attic or if pulled out just put into background. At...
  5. Static: Can I connect a PIR to wireless remote switch?

    Halloween Props
    I have several store props that are a mix of sound or motion triggered. All are powered by AA batteries. They are near each other, and I'd like trigger them simultaneously via PIR. I happen to own a 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch. Is there any way to connect the props to the...
  6. Hey All...Im also looking for something else important!

    Wanted to Buy
    I need to buy a power (paK) for the Gemmy witch w couldron...this is NOT the part that plugs in..its the power part to turn her on/off...i have 2 of them and im going to make them identical evel witches if i can her a power button to turn her on with!..they r very hard to find im told...thanks...
  7. EVERYTHING MUST GO Halloween Animatronics

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    With the deadline for my setup of my new Halloween display, I am in need to move out all of the older items, or items that were never used for previous displays. The price of everything are over 75% less than what they go for on eBay or on retail. The conditions, prices, and descriptions, as...
  8. Gargoyle Doorbell Pedestal

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Haunters! I found these awesome doorbells that poke your finger at CVS this year and just HAD to turn them into something cool. I used a sound activated gargoyle to make this prop animated when you press the button. I think it's gunna get a lot of people off guard in my interactive queue...
  9. Mechanical: Animated Zombie Girl (Home Depot)

    Halloween Props
    I didn't see a thread on this one anywhere here. Correct me if I'm wrong. She's an HD exclusive this year as far as I can tell. About 3ft tall. See pictures and video below. PROS: Nice detail on face hands, and feet. Teddy bear looks real. Runs on AA batteries so it can be placed just about...
  10. Electronic/Software: Need help with ardunio programming for electric chair

    Halloween Props
    So I pieced together an electric chair that has become the talk of last few neighborhoods that have seen it over the past few years. Each year, I try to add a little to it. Last year, I made a switch panel, but didn't quite get it finished and working to my desired result. The switch panel is...
  11. TRY-ME-TROL Prop Controller

    For Sale By Merchants
    OK guys, I have these controllers now. Here's a quick overview of the board. The TRY-ME-TROL will allow you to easily and professionally trigger any store bought prop that has a “Try Me” button. Most mass produced props have a photo cell and/or an electret microphone for...
  12. Looking for interest in a Try Me Button prop controller

    General Halloween
    I've developed a circuit board for super easy triggering of any prop that has a "Try Me" button. The controller is touch programmable via a single button for duration of the prop's sequence and also a post delay that will prevent re-triggering until the delay has expired. There's a single LED...
  13. Hallowuino : Arduino based electronic Halloween prop controller.

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello all, I know I am new here (at least my post count indicates I am) but I have been a lurker for quite some time. I am an electronic hardware designer & programmer and I wanted to share a project that I have been working on this year. I personally designed and made Hallowuino for my...
  14. Electronic/Software: Hooking up halloween prop demo button to a timer module

    Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone, new to this forum but I've read a lot of good information in the past. I am looking into hooking up a 12 volt timer module to the demo button of Halloween props. I am have a basic understanding of electric but I am able to follow instructions and put together circuits. I 'm...
  15. Issue with editing posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hi, guys, There seems to be no way to save an edited post. I can make changes to the post, but there's no "Save" button.
  16. Today-December19th House tour. RAVENS GRIN-Mount Carroll,Illinois

    General Halloween
    At the Ravens Grin Inn...A man and his son,another family,of Mom. Dad,and three kids all happened to arrive at the door at the same time! The little-bitty" girl was afraid, the main lights were already "On". I asked this whimpering, crying, tiny girl if she would like to push some "Buttons?"...
  17. Electronic/Software: Halloween Candy Machine version 2

    Halloween Props
    Hello All I have made a few additions to the candy machine for this year. First I shortened the sound file of the main candy button to increase throughput of the kids, I added a new lighted element and a self destruct button. Here are some videos:
  18. FG's collection cull volume 1: Gemmy stuff

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am trying to downsize some of the stuff I've collected over the years as I'm running out of space. :D Gemmy Talking Skull Platter (circa ~2007) $25 + shipping Item is used with very minor wear), without box or other packaging. Does still have the "try me" button attached. Item in good...
  19. Gemmy 3ft Treeter Greeter - Skeleton with GEMMY try me button for haunted head(s)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    The Treeter Greeter's button is the small one, but it can work on life sizes, as it has the bigger jack. it can also be activated by spirit buttons. There is NO bowl, and the clear plastic overlay is cracked on one eye severely, but does not affect functionality. I will only trade it for one of...
  20. Anyone Modifying their AtHome/CVS ElectroShock Hat?

    Just picked up one of the ElectroShock hats this morning and realized unless I'm missing something* that it only operates (lights up and sound) if you depress the little button on the side of the hat. Guess that works fine if you or an actor is wearing it and can press it but not so fine if you...