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  1. Static: Life-size TALES FROM THE CRPYT (cryptkeeper) bust

    Halloween Props
  2. Haunted House Halloween Props For sale.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Brand new pick axe sandy from unit 70 prop lays flat on floor has glass eyes never used asking $650 Silicone witch with cauldron static prop from unit 70 studios prop is heavy, unit 70 makes this version animatronic now paid $1200 asking $800 Midnight studios fx pennywise animated prop. This...
  3. Static: My Exorcist Regan bust

    Halloween Props
    **WARNING** explicit recording of the Exorcist , quick unboxing of my Exorcist Regan bust
  4. Lighting: Edgar Allan Poe Projection

    Halloween Props
    Last Halloween I created this animation of a bust of Poe reciting "The Raven" I never used it. I was going to project it into a graveyard and have Poe appear and talk, a-la the Haunted Mansion Singing Busts. If anyone here wants to use it, please be my guest. you can copy and use it free from...
  5. Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    It's been a longtime goal of mine to make the singing busts for my Halloween display. I wanted to share how I did it, and make some recommendations for those who are interested in doing the same. First, I started the project with a budget in mind. I wanted to keep it under $500. Second, I...
  6. Static: Anyone know where I can find...

    Halloween Props
    I got these Reaper busts a few years ago at the Dollar Tree but they haven't had them since. I use them for the top of my small pillars for the cemetery but need a few more. If anyone has any clue where to get them let me know! I thought about casting my own but haven't had the best...
  7. Static: anyone recognize this frame

    Halloween Props
    this frame was used on a huanted bust that follows you. I now have two other similar props I would like to use the same frame for. but the place I got it from doesnt have them anymore. It was a part of the bust they sold. I only need the frame.
  8. Prop Showcase: Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane Display bust

    Halloween Props
    This is a Resin foam filled display head / bust of that scared school master Ichabod Crane from the cartoon. He comes with a display stand and plays the song sung by his old nemesis Brom Bones. Here are a few pics and thanks for looking!
  9. Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls 2018

    General Halloween
    Didn't see a thread on this yet, so thought I'd make it. Any early sightings? I'm hoping this year is better then last year. Last year was a bust for me...nothing I really wanted.
  10. Lighting: Singing Bust Instructable!!!

    Halloween Props
    Im happy to announce I finally made and Instructable on the way I made The Singing Bust Prop I've been making and updating for awhile now! It is a simple overview of the supplies I used and how I made the Busts and what I made them with. Here it is dont forget to check it out...
  11. Looking for Review of Night Frights Ghost Bust

    Product Reviews
    Does anyone own a Ghost Bust by Night Frights? If you have one, I'd love to hear what you think of it. It looks really cool online, but it's a lot of money for our small home haunt. How does it look in person? What kind of reaction do you get from people who see it? What is the best...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: Another Singing Bust Projection HD

    Halloween Props
    I found this one video on youtube with some super sharp singing bust projections. The best ive seen. If any one could help me space them were they are all level with each other that would be greatly appreciated! https://youtu.be/juzO-aO49PU
  13. Other: All 5 singing bust projection update

    Halloween Props
    I updated the projection ive been using though you might what to check it out! https://youtu.be/KSV124Y2HAs
  14. scary life size zombie bust and hands for sale new

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I got this zombie bust from silent harvest its brand new they make the best looking zombies, this one has glass eyes, and realistic looking teeth very creepy and realistic asking $250 obo for the set! Here is a pic of the head, I will take some better pictures later on. It has a 1 in pvc...
  15. Other: Some advice to on what to use to keep a bust on a mannequin in place?

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Im working on a life size prop right now, im having some trouble anyone of you guys have any tips or advice? I have this full size mannequin and this bust I used a dremel to cut the head off the mannequin that was easy then I thought, I am using the bust its basically a head with some...
  16. Static: Lord Winston Bust for Haunted Manor

    Halloween Props
    Well after some time waiting, Lady Eleanor Winston has finally got a bust of Lord Charles Winston to go alongside her in the garden on walk to the front door I made exactly the same way as I did Eleanor using covered box for base and foam head that I added hair and features to. I am going to put...
  17. Sir Winston Bust for Haunted Manor

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Well after some time waiting, Lady Eleanor Winston has finally got a bust of Lord Charles Winston to go alongside her in the garden on walk to the front door:) I made exactly the same way as I did Eleanor using covered box for base and foam head that I added hair and features to. I am going...
  18. Static: My life size jeepers creepers build,

    Halloween Props
    I bought a headless fiberglass mannequin and a creeper bust this thing was huge and heavy it fit right over the neck stump perfectly still looking for his clothes here is how he looks so far:) First pic is of my bust I have.
  19. Static: Drake Manor Lady Eleanor Bust

    Halloween Props
    Well I am getting down to my last couple of days holiday from work:(, so have been trying to get as much done as I can. As part of the haunted manor I wanted to have busts of the Lord and Lady Winston which will be on the drive on the approach to the door. I have stuck with same method that I...