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  1. Creepy Scarecrow costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm wanting to make a creepy scarecrow mask. I'd like to make it using burlap. I read someone say to get a foam head and glue and water, dip the pieces of burlap in it and put it on the head for them to dry and then cut out holes for eyes and mouth. I don't want to just throw a burlap bag over...
  2. Burlap Scarecrow Masks

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My goal is to figure out a "how-to" for burlap scarecrow masks such as those found at http://grimstitchfactory.com/. Starting out with a form seems to be important. My thoughts were a plaster form might work (maybe if coated in something additional to protect from gouging holes with an awl) or...
  3. $5-$10 off Burlap and Cheesecloth

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Quick offer for Halloween Forum readers Please use the following coupon codes at http://burlapfabric.com for discounted craft supplies! We have stuff like jute webbing, burlap bags and cheesecloth all available at what are essentially wholesale prices. HALLOWEEN5 for $5 off any order of at...
  4. BurlapFabric.com - Burlap and Cheesecloth for Halloween

    Hi everyone, I am part of a website that has great prices and selection of burlap, burlap bags, coffee bags, jute webbing and cheesecloth - of which I know a ton of people use for Halloween crafts http://burlapfabric.com Stay tuned in the coupons section we will be posting a discount offer for...
  5. Need some pumpkin costume help

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am wearing a pumpkin mask and costume for this year. For the costume i am wearing overalls, flannel shirt, burlap with ivy leaves. It is hard to find pumpkin gloves or too expensive. Does anyone know what i could wear instead or any other ideas. Keep in mind that i am carrying a chain saw and...
  6. Other: Need help with Pumpkin Hands

    Halloween Props
    I am going to be a pumpkin this year and it is hard to find pumpkin gloves or they are too expensive. I plan on wearing the mask with a overalls ,a flannel, and burlap with ivy leaves on it. And i will have a chainsaw. Does anyone have any ideas for what i can wear on my hands or gloves...
  7. Other Dyeing Help

    Halloween Crafts
    Has anybody tried dyeing burlap black? I was looking to get some advice or see if anybody has been successful in dyeing burlap with black dye.
  8. Camouflage your Haunted Creation

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Camouflage Burlap, Cloth or Camouflage Netting can all be used to give your Halloween Creation that old ,outdoor or hidden effect. We still have tons of all three in many styles and width/lengths. Shipping time is typically 1-2 business days on these items so there is still plenty of time to...