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  1. Target -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Was in Target this week and saw these kind of cool Harry Potter-licensed lamps. The bulb sits down inside the base. For anyone doing a Potter theme though these might look great on two entrance columns for example. Didn't see the price on them and might be up on the website. They were refreshing...
  2. 2018 Pros and Cons

    General Halloween
    I haven’t seen this started yet, if it has I’ll pull this one down. What worked this year for you. What did you change or improve? What were the things that you broke your arm patting yourself on the back for? What didn’t work? What got kicked to try later bin? Weather is always a...
  3. Modifying a "spotlight"

    General Halloween
    Hi all! I bought a "spotlight" several years ago, but have never used it. I finally got my skeletons up into a tree in our front yard... and I thought it would be fun to shine a spotlight on them. So I put in a bulb, plugged it in... and it's really just a bare bulb. So it's super bright for...
  4. Static: How are you lighting your pumpkin scarecrows/sentinels securely and effectively?

    Halloween Props
    For those with tall outdoor pumpkin scarecrows, sentinels, etc ... is there a consensus best ways to illuminate them? This is all still pretty new to me, (though I have picked up the aesthetic part quick) but right now I'm just not sure how you're lighting up your pumpkins when they're 6,7, 8...
  5. Prop Showcase: Modifying 18" fiberglass skulls from Home Depot

    Halloween Props
    Picked up these last year from HD and was inspired as our house has a cemetery theme. I wanted to mount them on the columns on either side of our front door so I cut the back of the skulls off using a jig saw and then epoxied a piece of wood towards the top to act as a mount. Originally they...
  6. Prop Showcase: Cemetery Columns - new modifications

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone - this is my first post here after lurking for several years. I'd like to say thanks for all of the inspiration and ideas. This is a great place. The column on the left has a moving leering skeleton that I built in 2016. This year, I made a new column, with some modifications and...
  7. Electronic/Software: Bleeding head fountain

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have this bleeding fountain head from spirit/Spencer’s? Looking for a replacement light bulb, this is the blown bulb Thanks! Cory
  8. Electronic/Software: Grave Digger Lantern not working

    Halloween Props
    My Grave Digger animatronic prop is working well except for the lantern wont light. It may be just the bulb, but I can't figure out how to get at it. If The lantern has screws underneath it, but that only takes off the bottom piece, and the bulb is in above section. Suggestions?
  9. Lighting: Projector Question, Autoplay, LED, USB

    Halloween Props
    My old projector died, no one makes it, been searching for hours for one. Did you know this forum has 152 threads with the keyword "projector" I looked through most (85%) and can not find my answer. Here is what I am looking for. Projector that has usb Projector that will work off an outlet...
  10. LED replacement bulb

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    HI. I have a hanging ghoul whose eyes are powered by 3 AAA batteries. The bulbs are LEDs. They change color. Problem is that one of the bulbs came loose from the wire and now is gone. Any help in finding a replace bulb or bulbs. EBAY seems to have some but I don't know where to start...
  11. ReplacementLightBulbs.com

    Merchant Reviews
    I have five flame cauldrons/torches that all take a small orange halogen bulb. (I have one LED lighted cauldron that is quite frankly a dim joke) Years ago these bulbs were rather easy to locate. Well this week I had two of them burn out and I began to search all over the web for replacements...
  12. Lighting: First time doing a candle

    Halloween Props
    So I was looking at my light post I got a few years back and decided to make the light inside look like a candle since I have a flickering candle light bulb already in. So this was my first attempt at doing this...
  13. Lighting: LED Bulbs

    Halloween Props
    With http://minionsweb.com/ seeming to be down and out I am trying to track down some LED spot/floods equal to their selection. I am curious if anyone has tried the bulb listed below. http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-par-38-blue.aspx
  14. Prop Showcase: New Groundbreaker Coffin

    Halloween Props
    I think I am done with this one except for a cobweb treatment closer to Halloween. The skellie is just a skull, spine and some arms with a chicken wire body. It's lit with a short orange string light in the bottom and a 5 bulb 12V LED spot I made aimed at his face. This will be the focal...
  15. Lighting: Intermittent random porch light flicker

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Trying to figure out how to make our porch lights flicker randomly/intermittently. Anyone know of a bulb or easy device for this effect? Thanks.
  16. Lighting: How to add synced indoor brownout effect to my outdoor thunder and lightning effect?

    Halloween Props
    Firstly, let me say I'm very pleased with my 2,000 watt outdoor thunder and lightning effect based on two Morris Costumes Perfect Storm units I sourced from Walmart. Believe I got mine for $40 each. I know some of the pricey izombie and firefly units o offer a brownout mode but want to stick...
  17. Lighting: IZombie SC-2401 feedback issue

    Halloween Props
    So I just picked one of these up today and have been playing around with it. I'm getting feedback in the light bulb itself. I put in a photo flood bulb to test and I can see the filament just barely lit up and can hear it buzzing. It doesn't matter where the sensitivity knob is at, or if the...
  18. Lighting: Gemmy "Short Circuit" Light Bulb

    Halloween Props
    I thought I'd post this here for anyone interested, I just got back from Home Depot and they had Gemmy's new Short Circuit bulb that is an actual light bulb which is capable of screwing into a light socket. I picked up two, I'm planning on using them inside the overhead lamps on my porch...
  19. Other: Cockroaches and more cockroaches

    Halloween Props
    So I decided this year in my basement bathroom to have hundreds of cockroaches. On the floor, on the walls, everywhere. So need some prop help. 1. I guess to best stick to the wall would be to use a little bit of double sided tape. Any other ideas are welcome 2. There is a rug in front of...
  20. Where can I find a flickering light bulb ???

    Halloween Props
    I thought I remember seeing them last year, but I did a google search, and checked Spirit Halloween's website and did not find any. Does anyone know where I can find them ??? Thanks in advance !