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  1. Ultimate Guide to DIY Animatronics Book

    For Sale By Merchants
    It is finally ready! My book, The Ultimate Guide to DIY Animatronics, is available on presale for $10 off through Monday! Order your copy from the first run and have it in time for Christmas at https://www.servomagazine.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-diy-animatronics You can find it on Amazon as...
  2. Planet Coaster Halloween!!!

    General Halloween
    I have been obsessed with planet Coaster for almost a year now. I originally got it because I was sad I had to take Halloween down and it sure did the trick a treat! It's a theme park simulation game and a large part of the community just builds stuff like scenery or ride skins in sandbox mode...
  3. Static: Question about size of mausoleum for FCG?

    Halloween Props
    I am already planning builds for next Halloween and one of the things I would like to build is a mausoleum with a flying crank ghost. My question is what is a good size for a FCG mausoleum? I was thinking of a 4' deep by 5' wide that would have a 3' wide door on one of the 5' sides. Would that...
  4. Hello from Alberta, Canada!

    Member Introduction
    Been lurking here for awhile and decided to sign up so I could maybe post some of my stuff for Halloween. Been doing yearly haunts now with about half a dozen animatronics. I never seem to leave myself enough time to do the custom builds but it all works out in the end and the kids love it. Will...
  5. NEW Worm Gears!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Take advantage of the compact 27:1 gear reduction these Worm Gear Sets provide. Increase durability, help eliminate backdriving, and increase torque with these sets in your builds! Available in both 1/4" D-Bore Worm Gear and 6mm D-Bore - 1/4" Round Bore Worm Gear...
  6. Electronic/Software: Anyone own any Halloween Haunters props?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased any props by Halloween Haunters? If so, what's the build quality, etc? We have a "scaryoke" band that plays throughout Halloween night and right now have mini-skeletons playing guitar and keyboards, but they're just static props. My friend who helps with our Halloween...
  7. Static: DIY Tombstone Prop Builds

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my YouTube page of me building some Tombstones. This IS NOT an attempt to sell stuff. This forum is for DIY'ers and I'm just sharing my work with other DIY'ers. I've been building my own Props for near 20 years now. And it seems year after year, walking into...
  8. Horse Drawn Hearse Swivel Base

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey there, I am sure, that someone out there could use a Swivel Base for their Horse Drawn Hearse. These things are really hard to find, or so.......I found out. Having said that, the Cool part of Halloween and doing our own Builds is the fact......that we are always looking for things, that we...
  9. Mechanical: Fortune Teller Haunted Tarot Cards

    Halloween Props
    Put together this haunted tarot card table similar to the Ouija board builds that are out there.
  10. Hello from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hi there haunters, I'm new to the site. I love designing, photography, and anything Halloween / scary stuff. I make all my own props, gowns and headdresses, and just about anything else you can think of. I've seen lots of builds from this forum and was very impressed with all that i've seen, and...
  11. Static: Cropper: Unorthodox "zombie" work in progress

    Halloween Props
    Cropper. 1. a person or thing that crops. 2. a person who raises a crop. 3. a person who cultivates land for its owner in return for part of the crop; sharecropper. 4. a plant that furnishes a crop. 5. a cloth-shearing machine. Idioms 6. come a cropper, Informal. a.to fail; be struck...
  12. I think I'll fit in here

    Member Introduction
    I've been making Halloween "art" for a few years now but it's been a very solitary labor. I will enjoy bouncing ideas around here. I haven't really been able to do that up to this point. This place really seems right up my alley. I'm a huge Rot fan & I love learning his techniques but I try to...
  13. Make PVC look like wood

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello all, I found this tutorial online, and thought it looked very useful --- perhaps for making PVC posts, fences, etc. to look like wood. You could probably add some great stuff knots to break up some of the smooth PVC uniformity. Full tutorial here...
  14. Anyone else lost their Halloween spirit?

    General Halloween
    I don't know whether it's the hot weather or that I have way too many outdoor house projects that need to be completed that's stolen my Halloween spirit, but I came to a complete stop with my builds. I'm struggling to get back into the spirit and plan the rest of my builds. I really think it's...
  15. 2016 Online Prop Building Group - Call for projects, instructors and input!

    General Halloween
    The 2016 Online prop building group is about to begin it's first build and the second is already scheduled! We need your help to ensure that we have a full schedule for 2016. So what are you interested in building? Static props? Animated props? LED and lighting projects? Tombstones...
  16. Electronic/Software: 2015 Project Builds

    Halloween Props
    Here is my first pictures of the 2015 builds. I am running into an issue with the knee joints of the hangman and connecting the motor to the legs. Need to think about this a little longer. Let me know what everyone thinks or any pointers before I get to far into it. Thanks
  17. Prop Showcase: Scarecrow builds please share

    Halloween Props
    I hope I am not duplicating a thread but I sure would like to see other peoples scarecrow builds. I like how some of the fourm threads are specific to type of prop or craft. So here is my first scarecrow that I "finished" last night. It was a blast to build.
  18. Static: Gypsy Wagon

    Halloween Props
    Not my prop. It was recently added to Instructables, and I know several of our members are doing fortune teller, carnival, circus ... I thought this might be useful. The guy builds a gypsy wagon on a 4x8 foot trailer (like you see with lawn mowers sometimes). Pretty nifty...