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  1. General Halloween
    I stubbled across this post this morning: Glad to see he's putting his retirement to good use.
  2. Halloween Props
    Well this year with time being as limited as it is for me, I have chose to only do one large prop this year. I'm still working on it but here is the beginning stages of it. Any great suggestions on how to make time stand still, please let me know. I'll post more pics as I work on it tonight.
  3. Halloween Props
    Having seen fogging tombstones at several retail stores, I wanted to build one. I'm going to build it out of foam board. So here is my dilemma, how/what do I run the plumbing? I could use PVC, EMT, or Dryer Vent Tubing. I think the most obvious and easiest would be PVC, but want to see what...
  4. Blog
    Love the flicker lights using tealights created by jimmyzdc. But, needed them to be on a timer. Time to hack a string of Christmas flicker lights. Videos of them in action can be found here: The following pictures shows you how to make the candles but I did not show how...
  5. Blog
    I tried my hand at making the Beloved Tombstone by somewhat using the instructions at Haunted Webby - Alice Tombstone. I got additional ideas from Kevin at Brewster's Yard haunt at Brewster Yard Haunt: New Props. From what I can gather, the Beloved Tombstone was created by...
  6. Blog
    This is my version of the weeping angel tombstone that I combined with DaveintheGrave's peeping tombstone. For directions on how to make Dave's Peeping mechanism, please go to the following awesome, terrific, easy-to-follow thread: Project 1 - Instructor Thread You can also make this just a...
  7. Blog
    Herman Secret has a great tutorial showing how to use stickers to block out part of a stone when you are spray painting it for aging: Easy Tombstones Because I had a very large area I had to do a few different things. This technique shows how to use latex paint put on by a stencil to block...
  8. Blog
    This is a two-part video series on how to make Halloween Tombstones: Following is an outline and pictures of the construction of this stone: Okay, let's start: Cut Foam: First off...ALWAYS WEAR A MASK WHEN CUTTING FOAM! The foam dust floats through the air and...
1-8 of 8 Results