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  1. Electronic/Software: My take on an Endless Mineshaft and Skeleton Build

    Halloween Props
    Here is an 18 second clip of my Endless Mineshaft http://youtu.be/Hff2NxeY1go Here is part of the skeleton build: more to come Doc
  2. Static: Beginning my new electric chair

    Halloween Props
    Early this summer, I sold my electric chair and coffin at a yard sale to raise some cash for the daughter's summer college classes. They both went to a good home. The new owner told me to look him up come October and check out his display. I don't regret selling them. The daughter needs an...
  3. You know you're in Haunt Mode when.....

    General Halloween
    There seems to be a lot of us struggling with motivation this year - including myself! A fruitful Halloween shopping trip the other day got me in the mood. But I know I'm really in mode when I build and dress my first life sized prop. It inspires me to get it together and it also gives me a...
  4. Static: Horse Head Help

    Halloween Props
    We're in the process of making a decaying/skelly horse inspired from an online find (Dave's) Harry Potter build. We've been using a mix of horse skeleton diagrams and Dave's build photos as guides. I'm pretty excited! But, we've come to a problem - the head. Neither of us are very...
  5. Greetings fellow mortals and immortals alike.

    Member Introduction
    I've been browsing the forum for a while now and it's about time I joined. I'm actually trying my hand at some more advanced prop making this year. I've stuck to the simple tricks of ready made props that have just been spiced up a little, this year, I'm going to try and build foam headstones...
  6. Sept. Nut & Volts magazine is a Halloween how to issue !

    Announcements / Press Releases
    I wasn't sure where to post this, news, props, tutorials, etc. The September issue of Nuts & Volts electronic hobbyist magazine is out. This is a Halloween issue with a ton of good haunter information. List of props and how they work by Halstaff, tutorials on how to build Ruby's Flame from Don...
  7. Mechanical: Anyone seen Spirit Tire Swing Zombie Boy in the flesh (so to speak)?

    Halloween Props
    Hi, all. We're doing a graveyard setup this year and were planning to build an animated swing with a skeleton girl. Then we saw the Spirit Tire Swing Zombie Boy on their website and thought that it would suit our needs (with a wig and a dress to make it a girl, since the tombstone's already...
  8. Mechanical: Puking PIrate - Finally finished!

    Halloween Props
    Yarrrr!!! We finally finished our puking pirate prop. Here's a video of the build process, re-using parts of our former Electric Chair Man. Check him out... just not too closely! LOL
  9. Mechanical: Where to find motors now?

    Halloween Props
    Looks like Electronic Goldmine has stopped carrying the weather tight motors. Does anyone have an Idea where to look for something like them now? I want to build a Cauldron Creep and A Grave Greeter
  10. hello everyone.

    Member Introduction
    I have come to this site off and on and have seen some amazing props so I decided to join. I love Halloween and the more I can learn, do and build the more I enjoy it. There is nothing like seeing people stand in front of your house push each other to see who will go first because they are to...
  11. Other: springy bridge

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know how these are made? saw one at transwold show but didn't look at it closely but liked the prop. we aquired plenty of lumber to build it just don't know how the spring effect is made. any help will be appreciated
  12. Home Haunters Haven - Taking it Large Scale

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi everyone! I work for a horror company conglomerate that is in the process of going large scale. We want to build several haunts on a 45 acre plot of land in the Mid Ohio Valley region. Our goal is to become the #1 destination in our area for Halloween travel. We feel the best way to do that...
  13. Static: Rowboat Build finished!

    Halloween Props
    We finished our rowboat (somebody HAD to come and rescue the first mate after his ship sank!). LOL Check out our video of how the build went. Considering we've never built anything like this, I think it turned out pretty good.
  14. Mechanical: Mr. Bones... new and improved

    Halloween Props
    So, after his near-catastrophic failure last Halloween, we thought we should give Mr. Bones an update on his sword arm. I think it turned out pretty good! Check it out and let us know what you think.
  15. Static: Ship's Anchor Finished!

    Halloween Props
    We finally finished our ship's anchor for our Pirate's Cove Haunt! I think it turned out pretty good! (The anchor, not the screen capture from the video LOL) If you are interested in how we built it, I have posted a video in the Tutorials section.
  16. Prop Showcase: Show off your Last Minute Build!

    Halloween Props
    I Want to see everything people have made or finished within 1 week fo Halloween (Finishing on halloween DOES count!) I finished this guy up 20 min befor Halloween =)
  17. Other: Wall Panels

    Halloween Props
    Hello All, i am building wall panels for my haunt this year but dont know what to do to hold the walls together. id like something thats is sturdy and does minimal damage to the walls so i can use them year after year. How do you hold your wall panels together?