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  1. Miss Halloween's 31 Days of Halloween

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    Hey Ghoul Gang! Please tune in everyday to check the newest uploads to my new Album in my profile for this years 31 Days of Halloween, Ive been doing this for 10 years and bug things are happening! Hope everyone is having a GREAT October so far!! Big things coming...
  2. Resurrection Party Ideas

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Ok so 3 years ago I stopped having my big party and sold everything I had. I have the bug again and it's too late for this year so I want to start rebuilding for next year. I want to have a "resurrection" theme since I am bringing the party back to life. I am not sure what props to build, I...
  3. Halloween/Fall Themed Blogs

    General Halloween
    I used to follow lots of seasonal blogs, particularly those with Halloween as a central theme. Not surprisingly, many of them have either disappeared or are inactive, so I'm looking for more to get my fix with. If you know of or author a Halloween site, post so I can visit. Thanks Haunters, Bug
  4. Static: HUGE SPIDER PROP but I need to retire the old girl

    Halloween Props
    Built a HUGE SPIDER 15 years ago and she has been in every one of my haunts. But I am thinking of making a new one, maybe one strong enough to HANG on the side of the house. Currently she is made of 1/2" EMT electrical conduit covered in foam pipe insulation and FAUX fur. Her body is carved...
  5. Electronic/Software: Bug crawler

    Halloween Props
    Hey there, from down under. I have been lurking on here for a while now and have got some great ideas. Halloween isn't very big in Australia so I don't have access to all the great props that you do. Anyway I have been working on a few and I am going to post up a few vids ( when I work out this...
  6. Other: Projection DVDs!?

    Halloween Props
    I am in charged of my high school's haunted walk. I picked the theme "The Fear Factory" so any "fear" goes. We are planning on having a "bug" scene, and I would LOVE to use this projection. Only problem, it's kind of expensive :( Does anybody know where I could possibly find a cheaper version...