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  1. I Won A Major Award!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    And it's totally unrelated to Halloween! I belong to TCM Backlot which is the Turner Classic Movies fan club. They have sorts of contests, movie tix, meet & greets, you can win a chance to visit the studios in Atlanta, etc. The good news is....I WON A MEET & GREET WITH BEN MANKIEWICZ & BARRY...
  2. Halloween in Buffalo

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, hope this is the right section and forum :) Since my childhoof I wanted to celebrate Halloween in the states and now I´ll be in Buffalo for the 30th and 31st of October. I´ll be on the beggars night with some kids which is awsome but I´d love to go to a home party or halloween venue...
  3. Home haunt 2016

    General Halloween
    Hey all, I've had a good home haunt the last 2 years in my grandmas basement lol, which is actually very large. This years tho I want to make it public. Should I try and build one outside? The weather is a problem in Buffalo tho. I just don't want to spend so many hours building a haunt that...