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  1. Rucus Studios Opportunity

    General Halloween
    i dunno how many know about Rucus Studios but he makes some absolutely beautiful Halloween art pieces that, unfortunately, are waaaay beyond my budget. However....he has a kickstarter going to raise money to print these beautiful Halloween cards if anyone is interested. I bought 2 decks...
  2. The Evolution Of A Home Haunt

    General Halloween
    Can't remember who it was that posted a while back about just starting out and wanting to go big, but being on a budget. I had replied that a small budget just means add a little each year, make as much as you can from whatever you can get cheap or free, hit the clearance sales, and grow it...
  3. Woodcraft DIY, House Of Horror with a $200 budget.

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, and I'll have to admit that i found this at the very last minute. I work as a teacher for kids who are 16-20 years old and we decided to build our own "House Of Horror" as project for Halloween. I will here share what we did, and also how we did it. Both...
  4. Inspirit: An Unorthodox Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Howdy folks. For those of you playing at home, we've been more or less 'out of the game' since 2016. More because of a major remodeling effort. https://www.halloweenforum.com/off-topic-stuff/146531-unorthodox-2016-project.html This year was no different, and our big project was...
  5. Static: Halloween on a budget! Scary frame for $12.97

    Halloween Props
    Everyone always asks me how can I afford all my decorations. For one, I go to yard sales all summer, and I also make so many things. Like I'm sure all of you guys. Last night I made this. From an old frame I got at a yard sale. 2.00 Frame 2.98 Gauze 5.99 Skull 2.00 Hands at dollar store...
  6. Help! Fat Guy Storyteller

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So, I'm pretty huge into Halloween, but honestly, I've ever been that big into costuming. As a 6' 4" 320 lb guy, I don't quite fit the mold of many of the characters I find scary/fascinating. However, the school I'm working at is doing a Halloween storytelling event, and I'm going to be doing a...
  7. Ahoy!

    Member Introduction
    Happy to join the Halloween Forum as we've seen a lot of fabulous posts on Pinterest over the years that bear the HF watermark. My husband, three kids and I build on our pirate costumes and porch decor a little bit every year since moving to Northern California almost four years ago. We love...
  8. Halloween Budget

    General Halloween
    Every year I set a Halloween budget. Most years I somewhat stick to it, some years spending a bit more and others a bit less. This year though I have gone waaaay over budget to the tune of shelling out about ten times more than what I allocated. Part of it may be that I found a couple of rare...
  9. One Girl, 200 Dollars—Decorating on a Budget

    General Halloween
    So here's the deal. I will have a budget of 200 dollars this year for new stuff, and I would love to know what advice you guys would give to a beginner decorator. What would make the biggest impact on people that isn't expensive while also not being trashy-looking? I have a low-lying fog...
  10. Hellivator

    General Halloween
    I'm thinking of putting a hellivator into my haunt this year, and I really want some advice. I'm on a budget yes it's really cheap budget but its around 60 dollars. I realize airbags are quite expensive so maybe no airbags. If you have any ideas please hep. I also need help in the other things I...
  11. Pithenge: Unorthodox 2018 project.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi everybody. I'm here for another year of not really focusing on Halloween. Back in 2016, we remodeled the house: http://www.halloweenforum.com/off-topic-stuff/146531-unorthodox-2016-project.html Well, while the house got finished in February...the yard was covered in snow, and I went...
  12. Other: what to decorate?

    Halloween Props
    here is my apt. does any one have any ideas on how and what to make decorate. can be little spooky and creepy but no blood or gore I have small kids next door plus a small budget but I don't want cheesy or cutesy. I ca not come up with any thing Its like I'm hitting a wall
  13. Lighting: cheap DLP projector recommendations?

    Halloween Props
    So I've searched and subscribed to many many projector discussion threads. People recommend new budget low lumen short throw projectors and high lumen long throw used projectors and everything in between. I'm looking for something pretty specific: a relatively high lumen (greater than or equal...
  14. Budget Alien Cryo Chamber Build Video

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    We're doing an alien room for our haunt this year and wanted to build a cryo chamber. Money is a bit tight this year so the kids and I came up with a budget build using mostly material we already had. Not including the cost of the alien skeleton, the chamber cost us only around the $20 mark. We...
  15. 2017: The UnOrthodOx major scale-back year.

    General Halloween
    Looking at it, this has really been 4 years in coming. For years, working on Halloween has worked as stress relief for me. That begun to change in 2014. I was out of work, and the Halloween budget was a casualty. In addition, being out of work I had different home budget and time needs...
  16. How can I make a good haunt for $2000?

    General Halloween
    I'm going to do a haunt with a $2000 budget and I am just seeking any help because I was kinda disappointed with the one I had last year, I really need a list of things to get because I want to be professional as possible, I'm going to quit buying props from Spirit because I find them very...
  17. Our "no budget" witch prop build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
  18. What is your average Halloween budget?

    General Halloween
    Hello, I was wondering what would be an average budget for a Halloween yard or home haunt for a regular homeowner? I see lots of really great home and yard haunts on here and wondered what you spend each year on Halloween. I know some people go all out and money is no object and others turn...
  19. The Unorthodox 2016 project.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So, since most of our intended project this year is being put on hold. Instead, we are looking at remodeling the house as a first option. Moving as a second. Didn't feel right to throw this stuff up in general, but still figured on documenting, so here we are. Unlike TK421, we're not...
  20. Done shopping; budget spent

    General Halloween
    Well, we don't really have a budget, per se, but I'm done Halloween shopping. Hit all the stores one last time over the past few days and there is nothing else I want/need/care to spend money on. All that's left is candy and some pumpkins to carve. I doubt I'll even go to the spirit day after...