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  1. Light up suit ideas?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I was just realizing that it's almost Halloween and I don't have a costume even thought up yet. I'm thinking I want to do something like a black bodysuit with led strip lights all over. But, having trouble finding things for it. I'm thinking I could do a rgb strip light like this...
  2. Decent Projector for about $100?

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking to add a 2nd projector to my haunt. I have a cheapo $50 model I bought a couple years ago that actually works OK. Was wondering if there are any better ones out there for around a hundred bucks? Thanks for any help here...
  3. Cost DIY Saving Decor

    General Halloween
    What are some decorations you have made on your own, compared to buying at retail. I plan on making limbless libby (for sale at walmart), going to look for a cheap or free walker and use some old clothes, a mask and wig. Hopefully it will look decent. I saw something on pinterest about using...
  4. Other: 3D Printers - Anyone using them for Halloween Props?

    Halloween Props
    They seem so cool but I can't really see any good ideas for them for Halloween. Sure I could print off some jagged skulls and bones to put in the front yard, but I can also get those for a few bucks on Nov. 1 (like I did this year). I keep really wanting to jump into 3D printers, and I...
  5. Static: SPOTTED: Pirate ship busting through a house

    Halloween Props
    Looking on craigslist today and came across this. Don't know if this guy is on the forums. If so, apologies for the double post but check this out.. looks SUPER cool.. Apparently he's selling it all too with the props for like 900 bucks. I have no relationship with this guy other than seeing...
  6. Static: Home defense fencing...on the cheap

    Halloween Props
    Hey all Village idiot, dreamer of too much here. I had to spend the summer out of state working this year and just now starting my Halloween. I've abandoned all hope and I've executed plan 437B (failure to launch) and the kids are coming to burn my house down, because I failed them. That all...
  7. Need help with what to put on my TV during party?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I need something to put on my TV during my halloween party. I want to play music, so sound isn't much of a consideration. I would love some of that AtmosFear fx, but don't want to drop 50 bucks on a DVD just yet. Any suggestions, would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  8. Electronic/Software: Radio shack closing stores

    Halloween Props
    Radio shack is closing stores in malls due to its bankruptcy, which means they are having huge sales! I picked up some arduino shields (2 SD card readers and 2 relay sheilds) for 4 bucks each! Breadboard for 4 bucks, 2 parallax basic stamp homework boards for 10 bucks! Soldering iron with...
  9. Going through Halloween withdrawal so made this

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Christmas prop, used my Halloween prop building skills, never made something for Christmas so decided to give it a go He's made from a length of landscaping timber,already had, a piece of plywood that I already had too, some garland that I bought at flea market for three bucks ,pine cones...
  10. Mechanical: Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW

    Halloween Props
    Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW While browsing through a local antique store today, I happened upon this one dealers booth with a ton of Halloween stuff in it. I started cheking things out when I spotted it. There over in the corner was a...
  11. Atmosphere Effects: AtmosFearFX DVD's at Spirit

    Halloween Props
    Just a heads up. I just visited my local Spirit Halloween store and they had almost all of the Atmosfear FX video DVD's for sale for buy one get one free for 50 bucks. 50 bucks is outrageous for one, but for 2, making it 25 bucks a piece is not bad at all. Sadly, I just ordered a bunch off...
  12. Gemmy JEEVES the BUTLER animated Candy dish

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    item is DEFECTIVE no longer works, so not going to sell now it has no value. I bought this back in 2008, I do not think it is made anymore. Works perfect, his eyes open mouth moves and he says about 3 different things. I looked on ebay and seen some of these listed for 150 bucks and up, I...
  13. Wal Mart Illuminated Ground Breaker Skeleton

    Product Reviews
    I picked this up as an accent prop for our graveyard. Pretty nice for only ten bucks.
  14. Static: Judith Myers Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made a replica of the original Halloween Judith Myers tombstone? I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything. Found a place online that will make replicas but it's 60 bucks. Any idea what would be the best way to do it?