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  1. General Halloween
    I would like to have fog-filled bubbles this year, but I'm having the hardest time finding a bubble fogger. The Gemmy bubble fogger isn't available any more, and the Fobbles machine (from Froggy's Fog) has terrible ratings. Does anyone know where to get a hold of a decent machine?
  2. Halloween Props
    Shout out and a big thanks to those who inspired this fun project! Thanks fellow haunters! Oak Lane Cemetery - For all your great ideas and online tutorials. Rustie - For the goblin idea, and awesome bubbles in your brew The Skeleton Crew - For the rust paint tip Kindo - for the idea to prop a...
  3. Halloween Props
    I've created a tutorial on my addition to the popular head in a jar prop trick. The classic trick is probably best described by this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/head-in-a-jar-prank/ Here is my spin on it: https://frugalhaunts.com/tutorial%231-gpunch Basically, I've used a...
  4. Halloween Props
    I had been sitting on the fence for bubble foggers for quiet some time. These days more focus is spent on the party than outside. I typically do a little paranormal magic show at the end of the evening. This year I'm delving into doing a seance with spooky things happening such as pictures...
  5. General Halloween
    For my party, I am Dying my pool Red. I would also like to add some "froth" to it. I read somewhere I could add Laundy Soap for bubbles, but my husband thinks this may interfere with my dye. Any knowledge of this out there?
  6. Halloween Props
    Doing a quick search in the forum reveals a ton of threads from people with broken and leaking Gemmy Bubble Foggers. As much delight as these little machines bring, they often break with very little use. I wanted to create this "home base" thread to post solutions and repair suggestions from...
  7. Halloween Props
    I don't know what I would use this for yet, but thought it was too cool not to share. http://www.tutorialous.com/this-is-the-best-way-to-entertain-little-kids-p188
1-7 of 7 Results