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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Heys guys! I want to build a Bubble Boy costume, but not sure how. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I read a post by a member named " punk rock girl," but can't seem to find the post again. Thanks.
  2. General Halloween
    Home Depot has some of their Christmas items on 50% off sale right now online. I saw this ShowHome App RGBW LED Ball on sale and thought, cool! I guess this was suppose to look like snowballs maybe but Watch the video and let your mind go to halloween themes...Pulsating Alien space ball...
  3. Halloween Props
    A project I started on a few months back for this year's Frankenstein lab theme. Making decent progress on it. I need to install lighting on the inside and run the air tubing through the free standing copper pipes. Finished the color and urethane over the weekend. The gauges are resin and will...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know who sells bubble foggers anymore? I would love to buy one for this year.
  5. Halloween Props
    I had been sitting on the fence for bubble foggers for quiet some time. These days more focus is spent on the party than outside. I typically do a little paranormal magic show at the end of the evening. This year I'm delving into doing a seance with spooky things happening such as pictures...
  6. Halloween Props
    So I finally got sick and tired of my poorly built bubble foggers that are both permanently out of commission due to broken cheap plastic gears. Given that these units are barely as low as $50 when on sale, if ever, I started looking around for potentially more durable replacements. Aliexpress...
  7. Halloween Props
    After the neighbor child had his way with my daughter-in-laws bubble machine.. the arm no longer worked. After some head scratching I got it apart and found the motor gear broken. Fixed that with superglue and hope it holds. (where can I buy parts for this thing) Now my problem is cannot...
  8. Halloween Props
    This past Halloween I ran into a new (to me) but common failure with one of my bubble foggers. One of the plastic gears that moves the bubble arm/stem down into the bubble solution and then back up to blow out the fog broke in half. I took the unit apart and found the broken gear, but I have no...
  9. Halloween Props
    My wife and I got a commission from a woman in our town who wanted a cauldron like I made in the craft section for her small haunt. Instead of a fog machine she wants an actual liquid that will bubble so I figured we could just run a bubble stone like used in a fish tank and a small pump to get...
  10. Halloween Props
    Saw this in today's paper at 5 Below and thought it might be of some interest. :) http://www.fivebelow.com/sports/toys-and-games/bubble-machine.html
  11. Halloween Props
    I'd like to buy a fogging bubble machine for my Mad Science Mixology Party. I am confused by the products I found on Amazon. I found bubble makers, and I found fog machines. But not combined. Is there a fogging bubble liquid that you pour into a bubble machine? Or is there a machine you...
  12. Halloween Props
    Found this Bubble Fogger for $50, usually selling for $100 @ HSN: http://www.hsn.com/products/halloween-bubble-fog-machine/7442034 Using coupon code 142080 knocked the price down to $40, not including shipping and tax. Looks to be the same, or similar, model as the Target one I purchased on...
  13. General Halloween
    We had a good turnout this year. No major problems and everything was off the lawn by 11pm. BRING ME MORE BIOFREEZE! :D Our two biggest hits were the train and the fog bubble machine. (fog bubble machine wins every year) Please share your videos!
  14. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! I received a Bubble Fogger as a gift 2 Halloweens ago - the one from Target - and well it kind of worked once and hasn't since. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong and how I could fix it? Or is it toast!? It doesn't seem to make any fog, then the bubbles don't get...
  15. Halloween Props
    So I have this bubble fog machine that I bought three or so years ago. When I pulled it out this time and turned it on, the nozzle part wouldn't dip into the bubble solution. It appeared to try, but had some light sound coming from it. It wouldn't even go back all the way to the top. I figured...
  16. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I'm building a flying saucer prop and can't figure out what I can use for the 'bubble' in the centre of the prop. I want something clear that light can shine through and can't figure out what to use. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
1-16 of 16 Results