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  1. Electronic/Software: How to make Window FX projector (home Depot) brighter?

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    Just curious if there was a simple way to make this projector a bit brighter?
  2. Our new arrival!

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    A little late as she's nine weeks old now, but here's a few pictures of our baby girl. At birth, she weighed 8 lbs. and was 20 3/4" long. Went to Dr. today and she's 11 lb 1.5 oz. She sure has made our lives much brighter and mom is looking forward to getting her started in paper...
  3. Blood moon 10-8-14

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    Blood Moon tonight, actually early tomorrow morning. Supposed to be bigger and brighter than the last one.
  4. Lighting: Extra bright tea lights and candles 2012

    Halloween Props
    So we've had nearly a decade of affordable LED tea lights and candles made with a standard 5mm yellow/gold super bright LED. Maybe they've gotten a little brighter over the years, the flicker circuit is in the LED instead of on a board now, better diffusion methods. Nice effect for an exposed...