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  1. Went to Vegas and all I got was this awesome Goth art

    General Halloween
    First trip to Vegas. The hubby and I are not into gambling but we love to check out the arts district. Fell in love with this gothic piece from Rachael Bridge called Funeralopolis. She completes my macabre office area. The sad eyed girl art on the bookcase is called Framed by Angelina Wrona
  2. Farmers Market Yard Theme

    General Halloween
    My version of the Dave Lowe inspired farmers market. Spring Bridge Official photographer whose horn and light will flash when exiting the bridge. This "photographer skelly" was inspired by a much better version that fellow forum member called Defensestrator displayed in a photo booth idea...
  3. Other: How to build a spring bridge???

    Halloween Props
    I am trying to find instructions on how to build a spring bridge and can't find anything. We saw one in the display at spirit Halloween and are first on the waiting list for it but they said it would be around $500 and I'm sure we could make one for much less than that! I saw something about...
  4. Prop Showcase: Next-level castle walls

    Halloween Props
    Hi, everybody. Long time lurker, first time thread creator. I thought I'd share an idea of mine that seems to have taken on a life of its own, but if the finished product looks anything like the vision I have in my head, this will be awesome. I've often looked in awe at a lot of the yard...
  5. David McCallum Reads Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge And The Damned Thing

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD THIS AMBROSE BIERCE STORY LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/chea81fcj0yv2/DavMcCallOwlBridge
  6. Paranormal Documentaries

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I make independent paranormal documentaries. My first one, "Night Stalkers" focused on paranormal investigators in Southern California, and why they hunt ghosts. We just had a public screening in October at Colorado St. Bridge in Pasadena CA, better known as "Suicide Bridge." 5 hours before our...
  7. Ideas Needed For a Great Scare in Our Hag's Cave pics included

    General Halloween
    This year for our haunted trail, we have constructed a pretty large cave that has a rickety bridge that is about 16 ft. long, and near the end a hag with her cauldron. We will hang bats from the ceiling and it will be lit by black lights, we plan to paint the sides of the "cave" with blue...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Need some help/advice on slime

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I am attempting to make a new prop this year. I am building a "bridge" that is actually just resting on the ground. I would like to make it look like you are walking over a river/pool (for lack of better words) of slime. For this my idea was to place a tarp underneath the bridge. I plan...
  9. Mechanical: Grugg the Swamp Ogre

    Halloween Props
    So I was in the Haunted Forest Idea Factory the other day when Wicked Grandma comes wandering in. She took one look at Grugg and said, "who the heck is that!??" I explained to her that this is Grugg the swamp ogre who has moved into the Haunted Forest under the bridge in the swamp at the west...
  10. Prop Showcase: My Haunt 2014

    Halloween Props
    Hope this works, this is my collection from the past 12 years. Next year I plan on adding an air cannon, Vibrating bridge, and endless pit. Every thing went well, except the home made fog chiller didnt work out.
  11. Inspiration for next year's haunts?

    General Halloween
    these are some of the creepiest places i've ever seen. http://news.distractify.com/matt-buco/terrifyingly-creepy-places-all-around-the-world/?v=1 I'm planning to see the Overtoun Bridge and Leap's Castle on my next trip to Ireland/Scotland.
  12. Other: Pallets

    Halloween Props
    I'm a happy girl tonight! In the spirit of the great pallets, what's your favorite, original or horrific pallet build? As for me, these will become a bridge into my garden of good vs evil and a bench for one of my skellies to relax on!