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  1. Other: Zombie Dolls from Party City

    Halloween Props
    Party City has three zombie dolls: Bloody Mary, Tammy Terror and Bride Doll. They have blue glowing eyes and say a few lines about themselves, apparently in the third person, like "She's the ghoul of your dreams" as opposed to saying the phrases in first person, like one would expect a doll to...
  2. Lighting: 2018 House and yard setup

    Halloween Props
    It's my second year decorating at our new house. We don't get any TOT's since we live on a main road, but we do get a lot of cars driving by and slowing down. I have have two projectors running: second floor is a ghost bride loop and the first floor is a loop of sirens and wraiths. We have a...
  3. Homegoods skeleton bride and groom busts

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Homegoods bride and groom skeleton busts. $100 for the pair. Pickup in the Charlotte, NC area.
  4. Actors in horror movies that deserved Oscars that never won

    Horror Discussion
    A short list 1. Anthony Perkins - Psycho 2. Jack Nicholson - The Shining 3. Gregory Peck - The Omen 4. Jason Miller - The Exorcist 5. Boris Karloff - Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein Honorable mention - Gary Oldman - Bram Stoker's Dracula, Robert Shaw - JAWS, What's your list?
  5. Bride of Frankenstein help!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    We've decided to go to the community Halloween party as the Frankenstein monster family. Hubby will be the monster, I will be the bride and our daughter will be a mini bride. Need help finding a period dress pattern or illustration of a pattern that I can adapt for my daughter and I. Also...
  6. Corpse bride busts

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Corpse bride Emily and victor busts 75.00 ply shippjng
  7. Mechanical: Problem with gemmy figures

    Halloween Props
    Hey I have many gemmy life size figures, but I'm having a few problems with some of them. I have a fortune witch, and her head does not seem to work, you here the motors running in the head but nothing goes except occasionally One of the eyes moves. In addition the head on the skeleton spirit...
  8. Prop Showcase: Haunted Mansion-ish Bride

    Halloween Props
    My party theme this year is loosely based on Disney's HM. I wanted "The Bride" to be a recurring theme for the night. I added a veil to my beloved tombstone and I will have and AtmosFX Beckoning Beauty projected in an upstairs window. So I decided I needed a prop for inside. She will be...
  9. If you could be behind the scenes......

    General Halloween
    I had my memory jogged earlier today and recalled a time a few years ago when I was lucky enough to get a tour round a local company that makes model for animation. The company are called Mackinnon and Saunders and made the puppets for Mars Attacks and The Corpse Bride amongst others. During...
  10. Skeleton Torso / Dead bride repair

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have a dead bride that her entire torso got crushed and I need to completely rebuild. Does anyone know what I can build a collar bone through rib cage with (and how) I'll post step by step for this rebuild once i figure out what I'm going to do lol..... :/
  11. bride and grrom animatronic how-to?

    Anyone know how to make this?
  12. Pneumatic: dancing bride and groom animatronic

    Halloween Props
    Anyone know how to make this prop?
  13. Big project starts...

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    ok so starting three big projects..corpse bride, winnifred and a witch doctor............the only thing taking me back is the stenciling of winnies coat, i want it as authentic as possible, saving it last to do............corpse bride shouldnt be hard, we got in a good corset today to start. my...
  14. Bride of Frankenstein Hair

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My daughter has decided to be the Bride of Frankenstein this year. We have her dress done, and I have been working on makeup for her. The only thing left is the most important part - her hair. My daughter has very very long, thick, curly hair; which makes it very heavy and hard to hold up...
  15. A Halloween Ball - 2015

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    What does everyone think of a Halloween Ball.....?? Even Monsters, Vampires and Creatures of the Night like to "Fancy-up" sometimes. I always announce the next year's theme during the presentation of the "Best Costume" awards. Hence the planning of the theme for 2015. It seems to open up the...
  16. My October, Halloween, and Pumpkin-Inspired Wedding.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I got married on October 27, 2013. I wanted my wedding to be elegant, but I also wanted it to embrace everything I love about autumn and Halloween. I thought some of you would appreciate all my hard work I put into this, so I'm going to share some of the details! I'll start off with some...
  17. Pepper's Ghost in a small Space Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Items required: 1 Roll Gaffers Tape 1 C-Stand (I rented mine from a movie production rental house) Hello Haunters! 1 Projector 1 large mirror 1 piece of Lexan or Plexi Glass larger than your opening (smaller sizes can be purchased from home depot or lowes, but for larger sizes it is cheaper to...
  18. Prop Showcase: My Pepper's Ghost

    Halloween Props
    They said it couldn't be done. Well not that it couldn't be done but more that it seems like a bit much. And it wasn't so much a "they" as it was my wife. And it's more along the lines of "how much did you spend on that???" But anyway, here is a cell phone movie of my peppers ghost. I hope...
  19. Prop Showcase: Dead Brides/Ghost Brides

    Halloween Props
    I picked up an amazing vintage wedding gown at an estate sale today for $12.50, and I'm really contemplating turning it into a ghost bride. If you have a dead bride/ghost bride prop I would love to see photo's!