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bride of frankenstein

  1. Looking for makeup ideas?

    Hey there fellow ghouls! Just put together a fun video showcasing my "boss" if you will dressing up as Bride of Frankenstein. In lieu of Frankenweenie and all things classic horror check it out for your enjoyment if you so choose. It was slowed down step by step to show just how she achieved...
  2. The Bride of Frankenstein 1935

    Universal's Bride of Frankenstein was released this day in 1935. The movie is quintessential Universal Monster; ahead of its time (in some ways so much so that they had to change a line or two), and a score which enhances one's viewing by giving each character their own sound. Directed by the...
  3. Soda/Water Bottle Bride of Frankenstein Hair Help

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Okay I am dressing as Bride of Frankenstein for my Monster Mash party this year and I have pretty long black hair, so I am planning to try the soda/water bottle trick and make BOF hair out of my own hair. Has ANYONE actually done the water/soda bottle "Marge" style hair trick? I will buy a wig...