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  1. Static: Cleaver epitaph for a Stella Live stone?

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have an amusing epitaph to add to a Stella Live tombstone I'm working on? It sits over a breathing grave and I feel it needs more than just the name but I can't think of anything!
  2. Electronic/Software: Arduino - Breathing FX controlled LED

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to make an Arduino prop where a skull is lit by a single LED. Deep, slow breathing sound FX, and the LED dims and brightens with the breathing. It's simple to control the LED in a breathing fashion with PWM...but I want to add the sound. Has anyone done this? Ideas? Thanx!
  3. Mechanical: My version of a breathing grave

    Halloween Props
    Hi to everyone ☺️ Starting to panic a little bit so for behind on schedule and the season is getting closer and closer. Today I made my version of a breathing grave, I still need to paint it, but hopefully you get the idea, hope you like it
  4. Static: Fire breathing skeleton horse of coarse

    Halloween Props
    This is the end result of my fire breathing skeleton horse pulling the hearse I made for this Halloween
  5. Mechanical: Breathing Grave by Hollywood Haunter Inspiration

    Halloween Props
    Came across this awesome post on YouTube by user Hollywood Haunter about the construction of a prop called Breathing Grave. I was totally wowed by the detail that went into it and how awesome the mechanism worked. So this weekend I started my own Breathing Grave. It won't have the carving that...
  6. Two Breathing Grave Props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 2 breathing grave props I built (new never used) for a neighbor who is now going to Fla. instead of setting up their yard.... so I'm selling these for my neighbor $50.00 (EACH) and that includes shipping USA only other than West Coast add $3 for west coast I will ship Priority Mail 2...
  7. Breathing Grave prop

    For Sale By Merchants
    $63.00 Shipping included....West Coast back to Colorado $60.00 shipping included...... East coast to Texas PM: http://www.halloweenforum.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=15816 Email [email protected] I ship UPS or USPS my choice (with tracking) and I ship with in 24 hours after I...
  8. Mechanical: Does anyone have any ideas how to get a pirate skeleton to look like it's breathing?

    Halloween Props
    :confused: Hi this years halloween theme is pirates and and having already made boat, cannons and many other props. I decided that I wanted to get my pirate skeleton that is in a hammock to look like it is asleep, but I am not having much look to get the breathing action. Does anyone have any...