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breathing grave

  1. Mechanical: Breathing Grave by Hollywood Haunter Inspiration

    Halloween Props
    Came across this awesome post on YouTube by user Hollywood Haunter about the construction of a prop called Breathing Grave. I was totally wowed by the detail that went into it and how awesome the mechanism worked. So this weekend I started my own Breathing Grave. It won't have the carving that...
  2. Breathing Grave Prop $90 Includes Shipping (USA)...only 8 left

    For Sale By Merchants
    Last chance for the breathing grave after the 8 are gone I will not be building any others ... Since Sept 2011 over 290 sold! and no returns (read testing) (contact information is below) The Breathing Grave is $90 and that includes shipping to anywhere in the USA ($10 cheaper than on ebay...
  3. Breathing Grave Prop $70 shipped

    For Sale By Merchants
    THIS PRICE IS GOOD TILL JULY 4th...or till I run out which ever comes first You get a newly built prop like the one in the above video....NOT THE TOMBSTONE, sounds or lights just the Breathing Grave prop. On eBay I give 30 days on returns. Halloween Forum Members or anyone that buys from...